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Your projects, your community

webe community is all about co-creation, bringing people to come together to make awesome things happen.

We're here for passionate Malaysians with creative ideas, but don't have the resources to make it happen. This is where webe community comes to lend a helping hand.


Project checklist

A project is a means to bring positive change to a community, whether that's through art,
performance, movements or causes. Do note that webe community is all about empowerment, which
means we do not do outright sponsorships. Think you've got what it takes?
Take a look at the checklist below, if it's all YES, then wait no more and hit that
"Submit a project" button NOW!

Your idea must fulfil the following criteria:

  • benefit a group, not individuals?

  • can be co-created together with other people, including webe?

  • have a clear, tangible and positive outcome?

  • have Malaysians as the beneficiaries and as the champion(s)?

  • have a champion that could belong to a group (like an organisation, club or charity)?

  • do not have any political, religious, sexist or otherwise discriminating inclinations?

  • have a detailed breakdown and transparent costing?

  • have not been funded before?

  • need to be funded or need future funding?

  • do not require an outright sponsorship?

Turn your projects into reality

Ready to rock your community? Download the Project Champion Toolkit to kickstart your project!

  • create
    Tell us everything about your project and how we can make it happen.
  • list
    Projects will go through an internal review before finally going live and listed.
  • live
    Selected projects will be open for an unlocking period between 30 to 60 days.
  • rally
    Get your friends (and their friends) to support your project in order to unlock it.
  • unlock
    Congrats! Unlocked projects will proceed to the execution stage.
  • execute
    The project is then made into a real, working project with backers and resources.
  • complete
    Boom! Your community is made 200% more awesome.
  • Click to download the project champion toolkit.

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Frequently asked questions

Check out the FAQ, or say hi to us at

Cool, right? Any 18-year old Malaysian and above can be one by just signing into their Facebook account to be a webe community member. Any webe community member can submit a project or even simply support the projects they want to see happen.

Love the enthusiasm! Just head over to the "Start a project" tab, click on the "Submit a project" button and fill in the details. It's a snap!

If you are an individual, you will be the Project Champion, if there are 3 individuals, all 3 of you will be the Project Champions. If you are an entity incorporated under the Laws of Malaysia, such entity will be the Project Champion.

Think, does your idea have a great impact on the community? Does it fit the criteria mentioned in our toolkit? What does your gut tell you? You'll never know if it's good enough until you try.

It gives you the low-down on what you need to be a Project Champion. So if you want to #makeithappen, make sure you tick all the boxes before submitting!

If your project produces tangible and measurable results that you feel will have a positive or great impact on the community, you can submit the project for our consideration.


Of course. Do take note that the draft will be saved for a limited time only. So do remember that otherwise you will have to restart the whole process.

The mode and the frequency in which the fund will be disbursed will be in the manner agreed by the project champion and us and this will be stated in the agreement signed.    

They are specified objectives that are achieved at a designated time. At webe, we celebrate the small things that lead up to the finish line. Want to build a house? A laid foundation is one milestone, and putting up the last wall can be the next!

Yup, this is fully legit! There'll be two parts to this:  
1. A Non-Disclosure Agreement: to be signed before any disclosure of information which is confidential in nature

2. A Project Funding Agreement: when we have decided to select your project for potential funding

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