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WEbePOP. Malaysian POP redefined.


Project created from 13 April 2016

Imagine if Rihanna covered a pop song from Malaysia? Isn’t time we tried to make that kind of music here? #webepop

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Hello. I’m Prashan (aka Melakaboy) and in collaboration with Darren Teh, we want to revitalise the Malaysian English music scene and give local English music talents bigger and better exposure.

Making Malaysian pop music happening again.

Our project’s purpose is simple: to revive Malaysian English music’s popularity by producing an original English pop compilation album to showcase our talented local music artists, because we believe that our home-grown performers have what it takes to make the next greatest hit. We want to remind the public that the local English music scene is still here and that we have talented local music artists worth listening to.

(From left to right) Darren Teh and Prashan Chitty (aka Melakaboy): “We believe that our home-grown performers has what it takes to make the next greatest hit.”

It all starts with the album.

We’re teaming up with four top producers and eight popular performers, and putting them together to create a sixteen-track album filled with original English songs. We’ll also be working with key players in the radio and media industry to advise us how we can bring more attention to the songs, the performers and the album. We cannot insist or force radio stations or the media to give talented local performers the attention we believe they deserve, but we can learn about what it takes, for Malaysian performers and artists to be recognised at the same level as some of the top international artists in Malaysia. In addition to that, we’re going to shoot a music video for each performer as well!

What we want to achieve with this album.

Looking at Malaysia’s English music scene today, you can clearly see that it is the international artists that are ruling the music charts simply because they are getting more exposure to the public. We have equally talented locals, yet they struggle to get the same exposure to be seen and heard by the Malaysian community. There are a number of factors that lead to this: performers often run into budget constraints to produce quality content as they can’t afford to hire professional help while chart topping producers are reluctant to produce original English songs due to the fact there’s a low chance of airplay. As a result radio stations sometimes have difficulty in finding enough quality local English songs for them to play, which leads to limited support and promotion from mainstream media, hence fans never get a chance to hear local content. If we can break this cycle and give our great home-grown talents the recognition that they deserve, it can reshape our music industry’s landscape, shifting the focus to talented local performers instead.

With our experience we are hopeful we can make it.

Prashan Chitty I've been in the industry a long time. I’m a strong advocate of the local music talent, and believe that with the right amount of exposure, local home-grown artists can rule the music charts. I am notably known for discovering and managing Elizabeth Tan, a Malaysian YouTube sensation turned recording artiste. I am also pretty well-versed with managing and promoting matters on social media.

Darren Teh I’m the lead singer of An Honest Mistake, a home-grown English indie band in Malaysia. I’m also the music director for Laundry Bar, in which I’ve created multiple platforms for English bands to showcase their music and talents. Like Prashan, I’m equally passionate about developing the English music scene in Malaysia.

An Honest Mistake, a home-grown English indie band in Malaysia.

What we’re setting out to do.

It’s hard to make an album, but it’s even harder to make a successful one without the right support. Since we’re making a truly Malaysian album, we thought we should work with a party that believes in us and will back us all the way. This way, all our hard work and the hard work of our talents will be known and shine through. This will be the first original English pop collaboration album (that’s why we are calling it WEbePOP – as in WE be POP!) that will be produced locally, which features an impressive line-up of our very own local performers. With the help of the webe community, with your pledges and support, our dream album can be brought to life, but more importantly, help our local artists gain the recognition that they deserve. For all our supporters, you will get a first chance to download the album for FREE! The album will be available to non-webe members at a price either through digital download or the purchase of CDs. All profits will be divided equally with all recording artists.

Unlock our project and see it happen.

1. Week 2 – April • Complete Negotiation with All Stakeholders 2. Week 3 – April • First Full Stakeholders Meeting • Final Full Stakeholders Meeting 3. Week 1 – May • Press Conference 4. Week 2 – May • Talents Meet Producers & Start Working On Songs 5. Week 1 – July • First Demo for all Songs 6. Week 4 – July • Final Demo for all songs 7. Month of August • Recording, Mix & Master 8. Month of September • Final Product Completion • Radio Promotions • Music Videos 9. Within October – November • Music Video Release in Batches Help us in making our vision a reality. We want to see more awesome Malaysian English numbers out there. Who knows, we might be good enough to make it into the Billboard charts. One can dream.

14 APR 2016

Talents & Producers

The producers and talents are ready to rock and roll. But we need your support! Kamon guys. Let's enter this musical journey together :)

05 MAY 2016

Hanging out with The Hive Asia talking about #webepop

Elizabeth Tan and Darren from An Honest Mistake dropped by The Hive to talk about what's next for #webepop. We are in Phase 2 now and we have put everyone in groups with the producers. We will commence the song writing process soon.

05 MAY 2016

WEbe omanite

Hanging out with the social media influencers of Klang Valley. Going to talk more about the project.

05 MAY 2016


Talking about #webepop

06 MAY 2016

Post "Live Chat" chat session

Stay tuned for more updates. Had an eventful live chat earlier. Hope we answered all your questions!

07 MAY 2016


Here it is. 8 artistes and 4 top producers.

19 MAY 2016


Darren from AnHonestMistake nailing some tracks down with Omar and Ezra.

20 MAY 2016

What a good night it was!

Rarely do people come together for the first time and bang out some melodies and then call it a night. Well, that was what happened last night. Omar, Ezra and Darren from An Honest Mistake made that happen last night. Chemistry was what it was. #webepop is on to a good start.


"Be a part of this and let's change the Malaysian English music scene! Your vote is the seed of change!"

by Prashan Chitty

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