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12 DEC 2017
Our innovative health platform created by Malaysians for Malaysians #makeithappen #webehealthy

    1. Featuring:

    2. Homepage

The introductory page loads when the URL ( is loaded in the browser. The page defines Ruby’s technology, benefits, and features prior to sign up. Contact information is also provided for users where further clarifications can be made before choosing to sign up as a member.

    1. Sign Up

The sign-up page allows users to register using their email or Facebook account. The details obtained at this stage would be Full Name, Email and Password. Terms & Policies are made compulsory to be read prior to sign up. In addition to that, a disclaimer is shown regarding Personal Data Security to explain to users the actions taken by Ruby to keep all user data private and confidential, as well as to protect Ruby and related businesses from any lawsuits.

    1. Login

The login page allows users to log in using their email or Facebook account. The above-stated disclaimer will be shown consistently in the Login Page every time a logged-out user logs in.

    1. Basic Questionnaire

Upon signing up, the user will be asked several basic questions which primarily focuses on getting their historical data and natural data. Historical data consists of family genetics, pre-diseases, surgical history and others. Natural data consists of weight, height, blood type and others. These questions are important to classify the user into specific medical categories.

    1. Personal Dashboard

This is the core page of Ruby. Every user has their own individual dashboard which consists of health trends, graphical representations of health reports, criticality level indicators (abnormal or normal range) and many others. The dashboard shows the most important data found in any blood test which are categorized into blood, urine, kidney, liver, glucose, cholesterol and thyroid groups.

    1. Health Diary

On this page, users could access their health data such as BMI, pressure and glucose levels recorded on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This digital form of health data recording replaces the conventional recording done with books which eases future reference by either doctors or users. In the future phase, this diary will be linked with wearables to obtain real time data more efficiently.

Health Record

All the uploaded health records will be verified and posted in this page. Users can filter the entries by categories and sort them by time to view their past records. Any abnormalities found in the reports will be indicated by Ruby-certified doctors. The noted abnormalities will include advice or recommendations rather than real diagnoses. The records will consist of scanned images and written reports from health institutions.

    1. Health Upload

A user-friendly health upload page will require users to either drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste their health records into the fields. The system will identify the document format and create a preview for users to check before submitting. The uploaded documents will be verified by data encryption specialists and analysed by doctors before they are shown on health records.

    1. About Us

This page contains all the necessary details such as description of Ruby, terms, policies and disclaimers. The legal documents clearly explain the risks involved in terms of security and the mitigations taken by the Ruby platform. Users can also read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) prior to contacting us in case there’s any questions. On top of that, an informative tutorial on “How to Use Ruby” is given for users to view.

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