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12 DEC 2017
An amazing journey inspired by webe community!

It all started with a team of health tech enthusiasts wanting to change (or rather modernise) the healthcare scene in Malaysia. Being doctors seeing patients every day, we were motivated to revolutionize and focus on preventive medicine. Generally in Malaysia, people care less about their health and only start taking care of their health once they contract a disease. Regular health screening from a young age is essential to ensure a healthy lifestyle in the future. How do we do this? It all bogs down to proper documentation and tracking of all health information which could alert one to be proactive about their health.


Therefore, we embarked on a journey to store, digitize and track every individual’s health status by creating a health account. This health account would be managed by Ruby, your artificially intelligent personal health assistant. We hope that this would lead towards a better and healthier Malaysian community. With this vision, we came across webe community who shared their mission to bring about positive change for our fellow Malaysians, our community and our country. We were lucky enough to take part in the project and be a project champion.

On top of being a funder, webe community was an enabler that provided much needed guidance and support towards achieving our goal in creating a personal health account. Astonishingly, we received so much support from the community which further motivated us to successfully complete the project on time. Since the completion of the Ruby personal health account, the response from the community has been overwhelming.


The total funding of RM175,000 from webe community has been well-spent in technology development and enhancement which is the heartbeat of the project. Furthering to this, we have planned to extend our application into a mobile platform to increase ease of usability by the community. We sincerely would like to thank the webe community team for their undivided support and encouragement.

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