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Personal Health Account


Project created from 03 May 2017


An online health account platform; the first ever to be started in Malaysia. All health details is stored and easily accessible. #webehealthy

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Personal Health Account is an online health account platform which is the first ever to be started in Malaysia. All health details could be stored in the account and accessed at your fingertips. The system uses Artificial Intelligence capabilities and integrates with any Internet of Things (IoT) like wearables. Every individual will be able to store their health records in real time by just taking pictures or uploading the softcopy to their account. These information would be processed by a group of reputable specialized Personal Health Account, is a type of Electronic Health Records System coupled by online consultation, health trend, health alerts, health analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities. Using the AI algorithm, users would then be notified of possible disease or problem that they may encounter. Hence early recognition of disease could be put forward.


Malaysia in the coming years would be populated by an ageing population, making it more important for us to concentrate on health therefore this platform would indirectly benefit the family, community and the country.



11 SEP 2017

When technology experts meet healthcare experts, this is the outcome!


A great news for our users! We revamped our web app to provide you a fresh look on our service. The current design was developed by a reputable web designer who has massive experience in his field. The design caters to the whole community as it translates the value of our service in the best way possible, visually. More improvisation will take place based on the feedback from real users.

Here are some of the snapshots… #webehealthy #webecommunity  





11 SEP 2017

What a privilege for our team! Hats off webe community!


Our doctors and nurses had a great opportunity to perform health screening for TM staffs at Menara TM during their Open Day. We conducted BMI, blood pressure and glucose monitoring including doctors’ consultation session. The event was a huge success with many TM staffs visiting our booth and we were privileged to serve them.

Thank you to webe community for this wonderful experience #makeithappen #webehealthy



20 AUG 2017

Snap, Upload & View Health Trend


Can you imagine if you could upload your blood results and X-rays by just taking a picture? Yes, with Ruby, it’s as simple as that. Our tech team has approached this feature to enable anyone to save their health records with just a simple click.

Check out our Ruby account and upload whatever record you have under the “Health Upload” tab and get the records processed to be easily visualised by you.



20 AUG 2017

The Power of Market Validation

We organized a campaign again at AEON Bukit Tinggi Klang to promote healthy lifestyle and validate our health account. We were amazed with the number of people who turned up and endorsed our health account.

All were excitedly trying out the platform interphase using the webapp. This indeed is a great motivation to us!!!

Thank you Malaysians! Thank you WEBE!



25 JUL 2017

We will always put our community first #webecommunity


Community service is always a priority for team #webehealthy. We organized a community activity in the outskirts of Klang Valley looking into the underprivileged and underserved.

Various health programs were conducted which included a complete general physical health examination, blood and urine test, mental health assessment, environmental survey and nutritional assessment.

We served a total of 90 people and they were glad we came to spend some time with them.

A million thanks to the team and thank you WEBE!



24 JUL 2017

Excellence response for #webehealthy in Corporate HSE Event


Educating the community on the importance of having a health account is extremely important, as this is the first of its kind in Malaysia.

Team #webehealthy was at the recent Health Safety and Environment Week organized by a multinational cooperation in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. We had a good time and there were 88 people who signed up for the account! We are delighted and excited!

Thank you for the support guys! Thank you WEBE!



20 JUL 2017

Sneak Peak into Ruby Health Account #makeithappen


Yes, it has been 4 busy weeks! We are extremely proud to announce that we are almost completing our web based health account!

We gave so much importance to the user interphase and experience of the platform to provide a comfortable and easy health account usage by everyone. Accessing the health account must be as easy as ABC!

Take a sneak peak on our mock up and stay tuned for the release of the health account.

Thank you WEBE for making this possible!



09 JUN 2017

Sign Up for Your Personal Health Account

Ever wondered about your health status? Have you ever done a health screening with your doctors? Are you a potential candidate for diabetes, hypertension or heart disease? Track and trend your health now with Ruby. Sign up now at for a personalized health account, dedicated to you and get alerts on your health condition now! #webehealthy


"Vitalsynapse team consists of experienced and specialized doctors from different fields of medicine. We strongly believe that information technology, big data and professional healthcare are paramount in ensuring a healthy disease-free community focusing on preventive medicine. Just visit our page on webe community and pledge for us."

by Mahesh Appannan

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