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14 JAN 2017
Sneak peek of our initial Dengue App design

After months of development, we are proud to present some of our initial designs developed for the Dengue App. Take a look below: 

Upon logging in to our app, you will be able to access a map of Malaysia with the hotspots marked, refreshed every 60 minutes. The darker the spot is, the more likely a dengue outbreak will happen. 
A sneak peek below on how users can report a case or incident:

User to access its own photo library or instantly snap a photo to report a potential breeding site. 

Users can even take a photo of a potential breeding site if they encounter any.

After a photo is taken, users can insert a caption 

Cases reported by the public will assist us to identify and verify the data with better accuracy. Simple as that!

Let’s keep the best for last when we launch it!

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