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14 JAN 2017
This has to be changed! Proactive rather than reactive!

What’s the difference between our Dengue App compared to the others you see out there? Well, based on my area of expertise, I can safely conclude that most of the apps out there were developed in a reactive model where actions were taken and news were spread after a malicious incident happened to an innocent victim. 
Here’s what distinguishes us from the rest: you can PREDICT the next potential dengue outbreaks up to 3 months in advance. With a 3-month window, action can be properly planned to eliminate the breeding sites. You can even gather your neighbourhood to run gotong-royong initiatives to clean up your area. 
With a 3-month window, you can send in reports to the relevant parties to execute fumigation or fogging activities. 

So many lives can be saved with this proactive approach in combatting dengue. I can’t wait to see it happen!
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