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14 JAN 2017
Predict & Beat Dengue

Hi guys! I am going to explain briefly what our project is all about to newcomers. Rainier and I are going to develop a mobile DENGUE APP that can predict dengue up to 3 months in advance within a 400meter radius with 88.7% accuracy here in Malaysia. 
How is that even possible, you may ask? Well, we will have an artificial intelligence developed by our company, AIME behind our system to predict dengue by using external factors like the weather condition that will likely breed the Aedes larvae, through reported cases by the public if they see any stagnant water or potential breeding sites, and a huge chunk of data contributed by the Ministry of Health in improving our accuracy in predicting the dengue. 
Yes, you heard it right. We will be partnering with Malaysia’s Health Government in sharing data to eliminate dengue more quickly and efficiently. 

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