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14 JAN 2017
Thank you webe community members!

Hi webe community members! Rainier and I would like to express a million thanks to those who had supported on our project. Really, this wouldn’t be possible without you guys! Your pledges have made this a reality to us.

Photo Caption: Rainier Mallol (Left) & Dr. Dhesi Baha Raja (Right) 
Honestly, I’ve heard of crowdfunding where funds are raised from the crowd, but in webe community, they call “crowdbacking” where you support a project by pledging without spending a single cent. This is incredible! 
Not to forget, thanks webe community for building a platform that empowers the community to do so much more, beyond our imagination. Awesome concept I would say. 
Stay tuned to our project! The following will be our execution in bringing the dengue app to life! 
#makeithappen #webecommunity #predict&beatdengue


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