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14 JAN 2017
VR Updates – Dignity for Children Foundation


We took the children in Dignity for Children Foundation to go on a virtual reality field trip to the Land of Hornbills - Sarawak.
We asked teachers what they think about virtual reality field trip. Here are what they said:
"Thank you for putting a smile on our children's face. Your effort has paid off."
"It's something new and I appreciate the creativity."
"It was a great experience."
"Thank you for spending some of your precious time to be with our students."
"The students really enjoyed the activities! Even though they are not Malaysian, they are keen to learn about other races. Really like the way all of you communicate with the students."
"It was a useful activity where students are able to know other parts of Malaysia."
"Children had the opportunity to learn different things."
"Kind and nurturing."
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