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14 JAN 2017
Coming soon! Wish us luck!

The initial idea behind conducting Virtual Reality Workshop is simple -- we want to allow underprivileged children to see more of the world, without having to go on expensive and time-consuming field trips. We first started with the team's self-purchased mobile phone and Google Cardboard.
But now, the support we have gotten from everyone is amazing -- I still get goosebumps when I think about this.
We have kick-started the project -- the video shooting will start after Raya. Once we have everything ready, we wish to bring this technology to more than 4,000 children across Malaysia. Can't wait!
We have so many people to thank: YES, Samsung, Xiaomi, Google, webe community, Telebort -- you guys are the best.
#webecommunity #makeithappen #myvirtualvids

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