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Malaysian Virtual Field Trips

Underprivileged kids rarely get a chance to explore the world. Now they can without ever leaving their village. #myvirtualvids

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13 APRIL 2016

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Malaysian Virtual Field Trips

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This is a project by Our dream is to help kids explore the world even if they can’t afford it. With that in mind, we want to create virtual reality 360 ‘field trip’ videos, so underprivileged kids can enjoy the joys of the world around them without ever leaving their village.

A project by

Bringing the world to underprivileged children.

We have a strong desire to ensure that all children – our future leaders – receive a holistic learning experience. Not everyone is able to enjoy a full education. Underprivileged children from orphanages, refugee camps and indigenous communities often find themselves left out and left behind in the education system. With virtual reality, we saw a wonderful opportunity to help bridge this gap. The technology is maturing, becoming more affordable and accessible, and has tremendous potential for all sorts of applications and fields. From an educational point of view, virtual reality opens up a whole new way of learning and providing ‘field trips’ is just the start.

We’re all for anything mind-blowing.

Virtual reality. The power to enjoy experiences you would otherwise not normally have. Imagine standing next to the roar of a waterfall. Taking a trip on a helicopter. Riding a rollercoaster in a theme park. Or hanging out with orangutans. All from the comfort of your home.

We want kids to enjoy the experience and let it spark their imagination in a big way.

For most of us, it would be a novelty experience, a nice distraction. But for those who lack the things we often take for granted, like physical mobility or financial means, virtual reality could be their only connection to the big wide world.

What we want to shoot.

We plan to cover a variety of topics that will open the kids’ eyes to the many wonders of the country. We will create 360 videos based on Malaysia’s popular sights, professions, festivals and many other interests. Imagine seeing pewter being crafted in Royal Selangor without ever having to really visit the place. It’s amazing what technology can teach these kids. We intend to make these videos as interesting as possible for the kids. We are planning to have a variety of videos that will have range of topics like culture, a day in the life of a uniformed serviceman, nature, and breath-taking adventures like riding on a helicopter or skydiving. Not to forget some real life scenarios that will touch on societal issues that will teach the kids to always be good.

Giving underprivileged kids a chance to see the many wonders of Malaysia.

The project is more than just films.

To reach out to more people and create awareness, we will also run ten workshops for underprivileged children to experience and discover new things through the use of 360 videos, smartphones and Google Cardboard viewers. We hope to make an impact on 200-400 kids and show them a future that they’ve never imagined for themselves.

Google Cardboards.

While virtual worlds are not the same as a hands-on experience, we hope that our ‘field trip’ videos will greatly enrich the underprivileged children’s education. We hope that our efforts will help widen their worldview and enlarge their vision and ambitions, inspiring them to become a pilot, build a business or even help other kids.

Giving underprivileged kids a reason to smile.

The team.

Virtual Reality Field Trips is a collaborative effort between ( and Girls For Good ( is a crowdfunding platform that raises funds for educational projects by teachers and educators across Malaysia. GFG is a social enterprise that runs workshops in schools, teaching girls creative confidence via human-centered design, building content for educational programs and creating a network of teachers in various parts of the country. The team members consist of Kal Joffres, Fiza Azmi and Tiu Kian Wee: • Kal is a serial entrepreneur and social innovator focusing on leveraging design thinking and technology to solve tough social challenges. • Fiza was a lecturer in UNITEN. She decided to establish GFG to empower girls in learning and succeeding in their lives. Fiza is the perfect partner to collaborate because of her amazing experience working with children across the nation. • Tiu, a former teacher, is currently managing He is passionate about improving the educational field in Malaysia.

The people of (From left to right) Fiza, Kal & Tiu.

VR Updates – Madrasah Darul Tahfiz Sri Al-Ain

We were so excited to take our VR Field Trip Programme to the Madrasah Darul Tahfiz Sri Al-Ain. The kids were so excited to go on a 'field trip' to Pulau Ketam. They viewed how people live on an island and played a game where they pretended to be fishermen and their customers. They learned the basic economics of supply and demand, in a simplified way.

Featured on the New Straits Times!

To recap, has conducted workshops at seven schools for under privileged children throughout the country.

VR Updates – Yayasan LaSallian Kuching

Thanks to Yayasan LaSallian Kuching committee, we had the privilege of bringing the children in the center on a virtual field trip to our magnificent skyscraper - Petronas Twin Towers!

VR Updates – Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society

We are so grateful that we can bring our virtual field trip programme to cancer patients in Sarawak General Hospital and Sarawak Children's Cancer Society.

VR Updates – Miri Methodist Children’s Home

The children in Miri Methodist Children's Home were so excited when we brought them to see our magnificent Petronas Twin Towers!

VR Updates – Ten Ringgit Club

Last week, the team was in the Land of Hornbills! Thanks to Ten Ringgit Club, we managed to reach out to the Penan Community in Miri. We brought all the children to our magnificent Petronas Twins Tower!

VR Updates – YTL Learning Center

Here is a wrap-up of our workshop for students in YTL Learning Center. Students get to explore the oldest National Park in Sarawak – Bako National Park via the lens of Google Cardboard.

VR Updates – Dignity for Children Foundation

We took the children in Dignity for Children Foundation to go on a virtual reality field trip to the Land of Hornbills - Sarawak.

Sports Car, Supercar!

We asked children what they want to see in the video: "Sports Car!" "Supercar!" "I want to see Ferrari!"

Coming soon! Wish us luck!

The initial idea behind conducting Virtual Reality Workshop is simple -- we want to allow underprivileged children to see more of the world, without having to go on expensive and time-consuming field trips. We first started with the team's self-purchased mobile phone and Google Cardboard.

"Help a generation of kids dream bigger. You can help underprivileged kids experience places, enjoy careers, and things, they may never otherwise have the chance to experience. Just by taking a moment to support this project and gathering your friends to do the same."

by Kal Joffres

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