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15 AUG 2017
On The Road


What an amazing experience! Our mentors have travelled across 6 states, visiting 17 schools, touching more than 500 students’ lives in just 3 weeks!




Apart from conducting the workshops, our mentors took the opportunity to engage with the students, teachers and even community, experiencing the hospitality of the local people.




It was indeed an eye-opening experience not just for the students, but for our mentors as well as they get to visit new places, meet new people and of course savour new food!




Of course, there were both ups and downs throughout the journey (they had a punctured tyre!).




Not to mention also the gruelling travelling schedule and the constant updating that has to be done. Nevertheless, it was all worth it to be able to spread the joy of learning and to see the excitement and curiosity in the faces of the young ones.




The Maker Mobile team is back for a short break before continuing their tour down south next week. Till then, you may read our day-to-day journey on our blog at



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