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02 JUN 2017
Showcase @ Webe Lounge

We are back again at Webe Lounge at Sunway Pyramid! This time, we have brought with us 10 of our students to showcase their projects; games that they have been developing for the past 8 weeks. Their challenge of the day is to approach at least 10 strangers to review their games. At first it may be daunting to them and even disheartening when they were rejected. But they did not give up - they persevered and eventually all of them managed to complete their mission (and get their ice-cream reward). This is also a good opportunity for us to explain to people what the Maker Mobile project is all about - it is about nurturing students to be not merely consumers of technology but to innovators, thinkers, problem solvers and responsible digital natives. #webemakers #webecommunity #makeithappen



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