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Maker Mobile


Project created from 03 May 2017


Band 5 schools are usually not exposed to STEM subjects in a fun and engaging way. With maker mobile, this can be a reality. #webemakers








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As teachers, we know that children learn better through discovery and experimentation, which allows them to tap into their creativity. The technology enrichment programmes that we run is designed for children to harness their inquisitive nature. We feel that this approach to learning is important for the development of our future generations. It’s time for us to introduce it into our schools, but more importantly, to every kid across Malaysia.

Makers Mobile wants to take our exciting workshops in a customized mobile classroom for 30 days to 30 underserved schools all over Peninsular Malaysia. We strongly believe that education is a fundamental right and no child regardless of background should be left behind. There are four workshops for schools to choose from and we are excited to help these  students discover their untapped potential through them. #webemakers

15 AUG 2017

On The Road


What an amazing experience! Our mentors have travelled across 6 states, visiting 17 schools, touching more than 500 students’ lives in just 3 weeks!




Apart from conducting the workshops, our mentors took the opportunity to engage with the students, teachers and even community, experiencing the hospitality of the local people.




It was indeed an eye-opening experience not just for the students, but for our mentors as well as they get to visit new places, meet new people and of course savour new food!




Of course, there were both ups and downs throughout the journey (they had a punctured tyre!).




Not to mention also the gruelling travelling schedule and the constant updating that has to be done. Nevertheless, it was all worth it to be able to spread the joy of learning and to see the excitement and curiosity in the faces of the young ones.




The Maker Mobile team is back for a short break before continuing their tour down south next week. Till then, you may read our day-to-day journey on our blog at



20 JUL 2017

Road Trip begins!

Meet Team 1 Malaysia, our young and capable mentors who will be embarking on Leg 1 of this work-travel experience.




















They left Cyberjaya early in the morning, traveled up north all the way to Perak for the 2nd stop of the tour.













You may follow their Day-to-Day summary on our blog at


Stay tuned for more updates!

08 JUL 2017

Official Launch

It was the first day after the Raya school holiday break and we were already here at SK Putrajaya Presint 8(1) for the official launch of the Maker Mobile!



The calm before the storm


This was also our first stop of our 30-day tour. We will be visiting 30 schools, bringing our workshops to 900 students across West Malaysia!


We were joined by friends, supporters, members from the press and also the webe community family, including Nazeem Nasir, the Chief Marketing Officer of webe.




During the launch ceremony, we also signed a memorandum of understanding with the headmaster, Pn Hajah Naemah bt Ismail, Guru Besar Cemerlang SK Putrajaya Presint 8(1).




After the speech by the headmaster, webe and Chumbaka, we headed out to the lobby for the unveiling of the Maker Mobile, followed by a photo taking session.




Our guests also had the chance to witness the workshop in action. Students were eager to try their hands to programme their very first robot.




As with any Malaysian function, we wrap up the event with a simple Hari Raya luncheon.

Thank you to everyone for making this a reality! #webemakers #webecommunity #makeithappen



02 JUL 2017

Pimp My Ride



Good news everyone! We finally got our car in the nick of time! Yay!



Our happy intern inside the car


We have about just one week before the Raya break to transform it into our Maker Mobile! Challenge accepted *It’s morphing time* (cue: Power Rangers theme song)



Off we go to the workshop for some general maintenance



Changing the tyres because safety is our number one priority



Some minor touch-ups.



Sneak preview. Mock-up by designers.


Next up, to make the car smart! Out interns will be working overtime this Raya break to device a smart system in the car for security, safety and tracking purposes.


The final product will be super “canggih” and “hipster”. Wait for it!

18 JUN 2017

School Holiday

Photos from our School Holiday programme @ iM4U Sentral, Puchong

#webemakers #webecommunity #makeithappen




18 JUN 2017

Calling All Schools

Before we embark on our journey, we need to finalise the schools that we will be visiting. Therefore, this is the opportunity for you to tell us WHY we should visit your school as part of our Maker Mobile project. We aim to visit 30 schools in 30 days, bringing our workshops to your students! Right now, we already have 15 schools on our list. Hurry, apply now at

Please share this news to teachers who may be interested in this.

p/s: Sorry Sabah and Sarawak schools. We don't mean to discriminate but we are really limited by resources this time around. Hopefully in the future, we can do a Borneo edition (*hint* #webecommunity)  #webemakers  #makeithappen

18 JUN 2017

Car Hunting Part 2

We got our mechanic to check the car but unfortunately he advised us against buying it. Boooo…. In other words, it means that we have to go on Round 2 of our Car Hunting adventure. This time, we brought along our trusted friend to provide second opinion (Can you spot him hiding behind the car?) After zooming around, we finally found a decent one in a showroom just round the corner in Puchong. It is a Isuzu D-Max. Not bad at all. But the question again is - should we or should we not? #webemakers #webecommunity #makeithappen 



18 JUN 2017

Car Hunting Part 1

Not the perfect day to start our car hunting adventure as it was pouring cats and dogs! We had no choice but to act fast whenever a good deal pops up online - these cars get snapped up really quickly! Visited a couple of car dealers around the Klang Valley and test-drove a few. What do you think of this? Should we take or should we continue searching? Do you have any recommendations for us? #webemakers #webecommunity #makeithappen



02 JUN 2017

Showcase @ Webe Lounge

We are back again at Webe Lounge at Sunway Pyramid! This time, we have brought with us 10 of our students to showcase their projects; games that they have been developing for the past 8 weeks. Their challenge of the day is to approach at least 10 strangers to review their games. At first it may be daunting to them and even disheartening when they were rejected. But they did not give up - they persevered and eventually all of them managed to complete their mission (and get their ice-cream reward). This is also a good opportunity for us to explain to people what the Maker Mobile project is all about - it is about nurturing students to be not merely consumers of technology but to innovators, thinkers, problem solvers and responsible digital natives. #webemakers #webecommunity #makeithappen



11 MAY 2017

Webe Community Open Day

We are here today at Webe Community’s first ever Open Day! By the way, did you know that we have finally successfully UNLOCKED our project? Yes, that is right! #webemakers is officially up and running and we are really excited to get this going. We would like to thank everyone for their support. But most importantly, we would like to thank Webe Community, without them we would not be able to #makeithappen. Please continue to follow us on Webe Community’s website / Facebook page for more updates! Stay tuned! #webecommunity


"Hi, we are three passionate individuals with backgrounds in Engineering, Biomedical and English Language and a unifying love for childrens education. Our aim is to spark students’ interest and curiosity in technology and to set them on a journey of life-long learning and your pledge will allow us to reach students in rural Malaysia. Support our cause, pledge now!"

by Nigel Sim Boon Wei

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