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KL24: Zombies


Project created from 13 April 2016

Zombie movies are a perfect genre to uncover hidden social issues. Imagine what you’ll find in our version for Malaysia. #klzombies








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Thanks for reading about my project. I’m James Lee, a Malaysian independent filmmaker. My goal is to create for the first time in Malaysia, a truly unique film called KL24, a story that will change the way people think about our country. And about zombies. I often wonder how Malaysians would work together and support each other in overcoming and dealing with a zombie outbreak in Kuala Lumpur, in a truly Malaysian way. Would we overcome our differences?

I’m James Lee, a Malaysian independent filmmaker.

A zombie film like no other.

Yes, we want to make our very own zombie flick. I’m joining forces with two other directors Gavin Yap and Shamaine Othman, and the aim of the project is to show Malaysia in a new light through the zombie genre. Zombie-themed films have always been popular worldwide, no matter their culture or language. The notion of zombies appears to be rather universal amongst people in every corner of the world, but it’s rarely told from an Asian perspective, especially in South East Asia. Zombie movies are a good genre to examine contemporary dynamics in a society and nation.

What makes this movie special.

This film will be shot from three different points of view, telling the story of a zombie outbreak in the first 24 hours. Each director will pursue a different story with characters representing various local communities. It could have comedy, drama or even romance. With our society that is comprised of different customs, religious beliefs and backgrounds, the film could certainly make for a very insightful, funny and intriguing experience. When we are done with the shooting of the movie, we will release it online to the public for FREE.

Giving the local indie film industry a boost.

This film is the perfect vehicle to showcase the talents of independent filmmakers. Independent films are rarely released and usually lack resources for marketing to mainstream audiences. Through this project, we hope to create more awareness in the public about independent films, expanding their film-going horizons and encouraging them to support local indie filmmakers.

Me at Ted Talk KL.

About me.

A pioneer Digital Video filmmaker in 2000, I have won awards for a number of my feature films like The Beautiful Washing Machine and Before We Fall in Love Again. Call If You Need Me, another of my works, was reviewed in TIME by John Krich in 2009. You might have also seen Gerhana that was part of the much acclaimed 15Malaysia Project. I recently won Best Direction and Director Of The Year at the Singapore GONG Creative Award 2016 for the branded short film Last Day of School with BBH for NTUC Income. I also direct and produce for other young filmmakers and showcase their works on my YouTube channel, Doghouse 73 Pictures ( Currently, I’m mainly focusing on online content, short films and independent films.

Good entertainment should be enjoyed by all.

What’s more, this will not only be the first ever full-length indie zombie film produced locally, but the first ever feature film to be released for free viewing online! This will be the first Malaysian made indie zombie feature-length film released digitally on the Internet, which will be made available for all viewers to view and download. It will also be available on YouTube with subtitles, for a global audience.


"Malaysian indie filmmakers have been continuously producing works under the radar since 2000 when the whole Digital revolution takes over, with this project we would like you to be part of the first ever indie feature length film that'll be released online for free. We always believe for the independent filmmakers to continue producing films we need the support of a new generation of audiences who can relate to smarter and edgier films."

by James Lee

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