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19 JUN 2017
Tell us what makes you proud to be a Malaysian

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Malaysia’s independence, we are launching a wide campaign to promote unity and peace in our country. 1497838043-06_16-hashtag.jpg

Now that our project has been successfully unlocked by WEBE community, we will proceed with the printing of the 500,000 WebeUnityBoxes which will be distributed to restaurants nationwide.
On those boxes will be printed a mesmerizing mosaic of photos of things that people love about Malaysia.
But where do those photos come from? From you, of course! 


How to participate ?

Simply share your stories and pictures of what makes you proud of being a Malaysian on Facebook using #webeunitybox.  It could be food, places, people, cultures, traditions, achievements, or anything else that you love about Malaysia. Do remember to post your content publicly otherwise we will not be able to collect it.

You have until 2nd July to share your picture.




“Malaysians aren’t courteous people? Hear this out then. Every time I go on public transport, I have a hard time “arguing” with other civilians who always, ALWAYS insist on giving up their seats to me & my 2 pre-school aged kids. Although I try to stop them. Honestly, I don’t think I deserve the seat and besides, I don’t mind standing :). No matter how much I resist and argue, I always “lose” the battle…heheh…so here’s a pic of me graciously “accepting my defeat” :)… Small acts of kindness from strangers goes a long way…Kudos Malaysians!”
Saisatul Akmar 15/01/17 for #webeunitybox

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