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Unity box


Project created from 03 May 2017


We are aware that polystyrene and plastic is bad for mother nature, let’s prevent the destruction of mother nature today. #webeunitybox

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Foodabox a service providing cheaper access to eco-friendly food packaging was started with Dick and June to help food operators utilize more environmentally friendly packages in their everyday operations.


With a targeted 1million eco-friendly food boxes to be supplied to food operators in efforts to reduce the use of polystyrene and plastic packaging, the team is planning to kick of the Unity Box Project to help them achieve their goal.


Aimed at promoting greater understanding amongst different communities and racial harmony, boxes produced through the Unity Box project will feature a collection of pictures shared over social media on what people love about being Malaysian. An celebration of our similarities through a unique channel – a food box. 500,000 boxes will be printed in a few phases and be distributed out to selected restaurants and eateries.


For your stories and pictures to be featured on the Unity Box, it MUST be accompanied by #webeunitybox in your post. Don’t forget to vote for the Unity Box and help us make this a reality.

22 NOV 2017

Take away your food in the #webeunitybox!

We are close to completion of the #webeunitybox project! In the past weeks we have distributed 80% of all the #webeunitybox we have produced. It will only be a matter of days before we are totally sold out!

Do you want to check out the boxes and see your picture on it? You can visit Restoran BRJ,  Restoran Maju & Maju,  Restoran A1, Restoran Harmony Garden Vegetarian, and Restoran Anwar Maju just to name a few. Now go to take away your food in the #webeunitybox!



06 NOV 2017

Let’s hit this target!

For the past few weeks, the Foodabox sales team went out to meet new food operators in order to introduce our #webeunitybox.


“Our customers are more attentive to environmental problems and desire to ban plastic and polystyrene. Our mission is to help individuals and businesses to establish environmental-friendly habits through sustainable food packaging. We believe that we can transform the malaysian mentality and lifestyle into a responsible global citizen towards the environment. Don’t wait for changes to take place, “be the change you want to see” - William,  sales manager Foodabox.


06 NOV 2017

Go Greener, Go Healthier

We are working hard to sell all the 500.000 #webeunitybox to make Malaysia greener, box by box! Stay tuned… Next week we will show you how we are going to sell all the boxes!


16 OCT 2017

Celebrate Deepavali!

Lets share good food together and enjoy lovely moments with friends and family by bringing delicacies home in this eco-friendly #Webeunitybox.


12 OCT 2017

Enjoy your food safely!

Make sure your children eat healthy and safely! Not only is the #Webeunitybox environmental friendly, the food grade paper is also safe for consumers. And the soy ink for the printing box  is odorless and harmless ! Let’s build a greener Malaysia together.


12 OCT 2017

Let’s celebrate with the #Webeunitybox

What looks more festive than this beautifully colored box?

Let this lovely box find its way into your heart, and mind, creating inspiring moments to be cherished while doing your bit to save the earth.


12 OCT 2017

A picture tells a thousand stories

You can now find the #Webeunitybox on festivals, in restaurants and in food trucks! We’re getting so much compliments on how the box looks. And all of that is thanks to the pictures of Malaysians, sharing what makes them proud to be a Malaysian!


21 SEP 2017

Going green has never been so cheap!

From now on you can enjoy delicious food served in the #Webeunitybox! Start with
preventing the destruction of mother nature and order food in environmental friendly
Stay tuned because we will soon announce where to order your meal in your own


11 SEP 2017

Here they are !

The official #webeunitybox is in stock!

We’re now approaching vendors to show them how beautiful the box turned out and how they can make a difference for the environment we’re all living in. In a short time, you will see the boxes being filled with delicious food!


24 JUL 2017

Photos Collections are Still Ongoing!



Still collecting amazing pictures from Malaysians on the social medias :)

Thanks to all the people who are participating. If you want your photos to get featured on our 500,000 lunch boxes, please post them on Facebook or Instagram with the #webeunitybox

and remember to make your post public so we can collect them!

10 JUL 2017

The Unity Box in progress

Step by step, the Unity Box Project takes shape! We are very excited to see the final version of our box. Keep sharing your story and picture of what makes you proud of being Malaysian on Facebook using #webeunitybox until the end of July and you may appear on the photo collage of the 500.000 eco-friendly food boxes that will be distributed nationwide.

07_10 BoxDesigning.jpg

05 JUL 2017

Aftermovie of our Malaysian Flag Event


Last month, we set up a giant white board at the Webe Lounge in Sunway Pyramid.

The goal? Ask people to help us built a giant Malaysian flag by sticking on small pictures that what makes them proud to be a Malaysian.

The result? More than 1200 people participated and the flag was completed in less than one day. It was truly inspiring!

We would like to thank all the participants and especially the Webe lounge team who helped us a lot all the day long. 


The aftermovie is now visible on the Webe Community Facebook page


Please share with us your stories and photos of things that make you proud of being Malaysian on Facebook using #webeunitybox. You may appear on the photo collage of the 500,000 eco-friendly food boxes that will be distributed nationwide.

29 JUN 2017

We need your stories!


Whether it be the delicious food that you get to eat every morning, the stunning landscapes of Malaysia or its cultural richness, there has to be things that make you proud of being Malaysian.

Why not sharing those things with us ?

We will collect all the photos and stories posted via Facebook and containing the hashtag #webeunitybox.
The photos will then be arranged in a mesmerizing photo collage and printed on 500,000 eco-friendly food boxes that will be distributed throughout the country.

28 JUN 2017

Packaging workshop in Foodabox office!


Today, we are preparing parcels with the #webeunitybox t-shirt that we created in partnership with @Projek57.

How to get one for free ? Simple. Share a story with a picture on facebook using the #webeunitybox, telling us what you love about being a Malaysian. If your post gets more than 50 likes, you will receive the #webeunitybox t-shirt.

20 JUN 2017

Promoting the Unity in Malaysia, one restaurant at a time!


The list of restaurant in which you will be able to use the WebeUnityBox is growing. Restaurant’s owners are very sensitive to provide the best packaging for their customers and the WebeUnityBox is the premium choice : affordable, eco-friendly and... beautiful!

Stay tuned to know the restaurants partners for the #webeunitybox campaign. #webecommunity

19 JUN 2017

Tell us what makes you proud to be a Malaysian

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Malaysia’s independence, we are launching a wide campaign to promote unity and peace in our country. 1497838043-06_16-hashtag.jpg

Now that our project has been successfully unlocked by WEBE community, we will proceed with the printing of the 500,000 WebeUnityBoxes which will be distributed to restaurants nationwide.
On those boxes will be printed a mesmerizing mosaic of photos of things that people love about Malaysia.
But where do those photos come from? From you, of course! 


How to participate ?

Simply share your stories and pictures of what makes you proud of being a Malaysian on Facebook using #webeunitybox.  It could be food, places, people, cultures, traditions, achievements, or anything else that you love about Malaysia. Do remember to post your content publicly otherwise we will not be able to collect it.

You have until 2nd July to share your picture.




“Malaysians aren’t courteous people? Hear this out then. Every time I go on public transport, I have a hard time “arguing” with other civilians who always, ALWAYS insist on giving up their seats to me & my 2 pre-school aged kids. Although I try to stop them. Honestly, I don’t think I deserve the seat and besides, I don’t mind standing :). No matter how much I resist and argue, I always “lose” the battle…heheh…so here’s a pic of me graciously “accepting my defeat” :)… Small acts of kindness from strangers goes a long way…Kudos Malaysians!”
Saisatul Akmar 15/01/17 for #webeunitybox

02 JUN 2017

First public appearance after unlocking #webeunitybox


On 24th May, our team was at webe community’s open day to speak and share our experiences to future project champions. Our project is definitely on the way to #makeithappen. Thank for all your support!


"Starting with the goal of addressing the polystyrene wastage on campus, Dick came up with the idea of Foodabox. With an aim to provide cheaper and quality eco-friendly packaging to food operators, Foodabox does so through a food box advertising model to ensure sustainability. Make this a reality, by showing your support and pledging now."

by Dick Lim Yew Teck

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