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Cycle to China


Project created from 13 April 2016

Fundraising for the needy can be a challenge, but if you put your mind to it, it can also be a great adventure. #cycletochina








/ 10,000



/ 60

It’s David Wu and Hayati Ismail here. In our own little way, we’ve been helping the Malaysian community, but this time we want to help in a bigger way to rebuild homes around Malaysia.

A little effort can go a long way.

It's really simple. This project is about me, David, cycling to my ancestral village in China to learn more about my roots and family origins. I hope to also use this opportunity to help raise funds for the underprivileged. Hayati, on the other hand, will be in Malaysia to help identify homes that could do with repairs. Beyond this, we also hope to maintain the identity, culture and community that surround these homes.

Going the distance for the underprivileged.

I will depart from my home town of Alor Setar on cycle to the Guangdong province in China where my ancestral village is located, covering a distance of approximately 4000 km over an estimated period of 2 months. The aim is to raise as much money as possible to help repair as many homes across Malaysia throughout the duration of the ride. Hayati will help identify these homes and also manage the projects while I'm on the road. We have already identified the first home for this project and it belongs to a family of 7 in Gombak. The house is sadly in a deplorable state, providing unfavourable living conditions. With your support, hopefully we can convert the house into something much better.

The aim is to raise as much money as possible to help repair as many homes across Malaysia throughout the duration of the ride.

Journeys within a journey.

The cycle project will be constantly updated and do expect videos, photos and related stories. I hope to be able to meet Malaysians living abroad along the route as well, to share as well as to listen to their thoughts on how to make our country a better one. This is my proposed route, mapped out using Google Maps as far as possible. The ride will take me to Bangkok, Siem Reap, Hanoi, the Chinese border, and finally to my ancestral home, where I am likely to stay for about a week to learn as much as I can about my heritage.

My journey will start from Alor Setar, and pass through Bangkok, Siam Reap, Hanoi...

...and all the way to my ancestral village in China.

Below are some towns that I will be stopping over. If you are a Malaysian and you are there at that time do come give me a shout out and some encouragement. May 7th – Hat Yai May 10th - Thung Song District May 13th – Surat Thani May 22nd – Hua Hin May 25th – Bangkok June 13th – Angkor Wat June 24st - Hanoi July 17th - Guangzhou

Raising funds for the poor is in our blood.

David Wu This is not the first time I’m doing something for the community. People may know me as the crazy guy who walked from Kota Bahru to help raise funds to repair homes of flood victims in Kelantan. My walk from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bahru was a tribute to my late sister who taught me the importance of helping others, so I knew I wanted to cycle to China for a greater cause, other than wanting to visit where my ancestors came from. So I’m really excited about the trip, because it will raise funds on a bigger scale. My walk was part of Projek Wumah (, a community effort driven by public contributions to help improve the living conditions of the hardcore poor affected by the floods in Kelantan. Hayati Ismail I’m a project director for Food Aid Foundation (] and believe in improving the lives of the poor and marginalised. I’ve visited plenty of underprivileged families’ homes for food distribution, and have noticed a desperate need for their homes to get fixed. I’m glad that David and I have finally teamed up, so together we can have a positive effect on these families and homes.

Why we’re doing this project.

With the help of webe community, the Cycling to China project will give us a chance to continue our efforts to repair more homes for these families. Besides raising funds to repair homes, we also want to raise awareness of the plight of others. We want to rekindle the Malaysian pride and try get the community to come together to make a difference with us. By giving your support to our project, you’re not just pledging for David to cycle to China, but you’re pledging for a greater cause: to repair the homes for those in need and help improve their lives as well.

14 JAN 2017

Home refurbishment updates


Currently we have completed 6 homes, with 9 in Kelantan is still under construction.
Total homes funded to date is 15 and total funds disbursed is RM81,300.
Early next year, we are looking at a few more homes to be repaired.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts at #ProjekWumah2 for your generosity in reaching out to the needy and giving them a home, making this project a successful reality.
#cycletochina #projekwumah2 #spreadalittlelove #makeithappen #webecommunity

14 JAN 2017

From Hong Kong to Malaysia

I think my safe return would be the best birthday present for mom. She celebrates her 80th this Saturday.
Been an unbelievable adventure, but it's time to go home. Goodbye from #cycletochina.
#home #kedahan #malaysian

14 JAN 2017

A sumptuous dinner


Last night I hosted my long lost relatives to a sumptuous dinner.
14 of them turned up and I was meeting most of them for the first time. My two cousins, their wives, children, in-laws and grandkids. It was a joyous occasion. We ate well and had some beverages, although the vinegar wine was quite something else.
We exchanged many stories as we dug deeper into the history of our respective families. They recounted stories of the 3 brothers' visit in '89. I also conveyed my family's love and best wishes as requested.
Towards the end of the dinner, I snuck away to pay the bill, only to find out that my niece had already settled. I felt embarrassed and insisted that I picked up the bill, to which my niece just shrugged and told me to not worry about it.
She told me, "Look, don't worry about it. Let us buy dinner to welcome you especially since you cycled all the way here. While it is true that life was tough in the old days, times have changed and we are doing much better now. It is no longer like the old days when returning family were 'obliged' to give us a treat. Not anymore."
I felt even worse after that. Yet at the same time I was glad that things are much better for those who were 'left behind', so to speak. It must have given her a great deal of pride for my niece to say that to me.
We tend to forget that China has moved up at a phenomenal pace. In many ways I was glad that the stereotype of the Chinese relatives' expectations had been defied. I suppose things have come full circle. Nevertheless I would still have liked to have bought that dinner, in representing my family, even if it was merely symbolic. Another day perhaps?
Before we parted ways, I presented my cousins with my beloved Kedah flag. I had cycled so far and so long in the hope of finding someone at the village to hand the flag to. And I found them.
We embraced as we bid each other farewell. We hugged tightly, perhaps quietly knowing that we may never see each other again. It was an awkward goodbye, and I think we all struggled to have the last word.
But at least I know the cycle was not in vain. At least I know that in this part of the world at which I arrived the hard way befitting the hardship my ancestors endured, I found my family. And for that, to borrow a term from a friend, this journey has been a fairytale.
#ancestralhome #Taishan #cycletochina #webecommunity

14 JAN 2017



At the end, the emotions got the better of me. The last 10 km were all tears. Those of joy and a sense of accomplishment. To be where my roots are from is unbelievably surreal. The journey had everything in it to make all of this worthwhile.
Mom was the first to know. It was an emotional phone call, for sure. She said "I love you" and that was good enough for me.
Thank you, each and every one of you who rode this with me. It has been my privilege, truly. Allow me settle my nerves and emotions and I shall write later. I need to go and find some nasi kandar first.
Thank you team #projekwumah2.
Thank you #webecommunity for keeping the faith
Welcome to Taishan.
For the final time, #cycletochina Day #69 is completed. Mission is accomplished.
#JustWuIt #kedahan #malaysian

14 JAN 2017

Day 56.


#cycletochina Day #56 is completed, in Hanoi AND survived the traffic. Can't believe we made it. 3,355km from Alor Setar. Had I known, I would've flown.
Amazing moment.
#JustWuIt #makeithappen #webecommunity #projekwumah2 #aiyohkayuh

14 JAN 2017

3 more homes

We are happy to announce that we have started repairing 3 more homes under #ProjekWumah2, an initiative under #CycleToChina by none other than Mr. David Wu , celebrating his marking of 3000km.
This home is located in Kedah, David's birthplace. Let’s lend our support for his efforts, his strength and his passion.
Watch out for updates as we have more to show you. Let's be the change and show as Malaysians, we are united in making positive change. Be proud to call ourselves Malaysians, a community that cares!
Thank you #webecommunity for the platform. 

14 JAN 2017

Project progress update


Batu 12 Gombak house, where the daughter fell through the floor due to a rotting floorboard. The house is now being repaired and is 50% done, targeted to finish by the end of the month.
Thank you to Uncle David Wu, who agreed to continue with #ProjekWumah2, under the #CycleToChina initiative backed by #webecommunity.
David Wu has decided to donate the amount unlocked under webe community amounting to RM100k, which was initially meant to fund his Cycle to China trip.
Now more houses can be repaired and more families will get the chance to have a better quality of life. It’s about giving them hope. Let's show how we Malaysians are a caring society!
Thank you to #webecommunity for the opportunity to #makeithappen.

14 JAN 2017

Made it across to Cambodia!

Another box ticked. Awesome!

14 JAN 2017

Day 14, we are calling it.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the oldest cycling gang in the universe will be rocking and rolling into Bangkok on Sat 21st May, one day ahead of schedule.
So any Malaysians in BKK who would like to meet or congratulate the geriatrics on bikes, come along to Admiral Premier Hotel at Sukhumvit 23.
We are gonna party!
But before all that, it's 100 km to the royal town of Hua Hin first.
#makeithappen #JustWuIt #webecommunity #aiyohkayuh


14 JAN 2017

Cycle to China is moving from Hat Yai to Songkla

Some of you may wonder why am I posting about Cycling to China, right?
This a is a project collaboration between us and David Wu under Projek Wumah #2, a project that helps to repair homes that needs TLC and giving new hope to the residents of the homes.
David has decided to cycle to China to understand and learn about his roots and ancestors. He has also pledged to collect funds to repair more homes while cycling 4,000km to China.
While providing food aid to the needy, we came across homes that need help. Therefore we decided to work with David based on his experience in repairing 15 homes after the Kelantan flood. We thought it would be a good collaboration between us as we have never repaired houses before.
This project is generously backed by webe community. 
#makeithappen #webecommunity #cycletochina #projekwumah2


14 JAN 2017

Malaysian man to cycle 4,000km to China for charity

NST covers more about Projek Wumah and its objectives for #cycletochina…/msian-man-cycle-4000km-china-charity

14 JAN 2017

Cycle to China has been unlocked!


You made it happen. David Wu will #cycletochina, while Hayati Ismail begins repairing homes. This is all because of you, the supporters. Be sure to keep up with David and Hayati’s adventures on:
And we're off!
Thanks to everyone who came this morning. What a send-off. A bit emotional but you guys are all amazing. Best birthday present ever.
I'm a lucky man.

14 JAN 2017

4 generations of Wu.

4 generations of Wu.
The late Ng Hoong Ken (great grandfather), the late Ng Poh Kiat (grandfather), the late Ng Soin Jin @ Wu Chuan Ying (dad) and last but not least...
Beyond that, 2 more generations have also followed since my grandfather got on that boat a long time ago, making it a total of 6 generations.
Come ride with me as I attempt to retrace my family history and discover my ancestral origins. It will be fascinating I am certain, even for me.
And wouldn't it be wonderful to use this opportunity to also help make a difference in the lives of others?
Starts 6th May 2016 @ Alor Setar
#cycletochina #JustWuIt #makeithappen #projekwumah2 #malaysian #webecommunity

03 MAY 2016

3 Days To Go

Feeling rather nervous now. But excited nevertheless.

07 MAY 2016

A memento at every destination

#webecommunity #kedahan #malaysian #JustWuIt #cycletochina

10 MAY 2016

Greetings from Southern Thailand

Finally the body is caving in slowly. The lethargy is creeping in and the body feels overheated inside, literally. Truth be told, I'm still in disbelief that #cycletochina is already underway. At times I don't even know where I'm headed, to be honest. But I do know that I am on a multi faceted mission, and that it is a serious mission. Not just a sponsored joyride. It is a long journey, and one that I don't even know if I can complete. All I know is I wouldn't start something I don't intend to finish. Am not frivolous like that, but do give me a little more time to consolidate my emotions and frame of mind first because the REAL challenge i.e. Projek Wumah 2 remains. How do I convince you, and the public in general, that it IS a worthwhile cause weighs heavy on my mind. I guess we shall cross the bridge when we get to it. I know I will find the inspiration to word Hayati Ismail's and my aspirations at various stages along this journey. And leave it to you to decide if our endeavors will be worth your while too. Meantime, I hope someone will turn down the gas on the sun today otherwise no one at the ancestral village will believe I am related to them. Cheers, David Wu #JustWuIt #makeithappen #projekwumah2

07 JUN 2016

Crossing into Cambodia

Traversing across from Alor Setar starting 6 May 2016, then to Bangkok and now, crossing over to Cambodia shows how two wheels can change your perspective about life. 23 May 2016 marks as a memorable day for David Wu as he is crossing over to Cambodia after clocking in 1,434 km, targeting his next stop Siam Reap. Paddling with each stroke and each breath, his journey will continue to his ancestral village in Guang Dong province, China. Lets continue to support him spiritually and send him our positive vibes. Remember, he is not just paddling to China to learn about his roots, he is travelling carrying the hopes of many. Projek Wumah #2 is kicking in soon. Watch out for our updates.

08 JUN 2016

Where there is wheels, there is a way.

David volunteered at a community kitchen while he is in Siam Reap. He never stop to do amazing things while cycling to achieve his mission. This is not something any ordinary man can do, because he believe on one reason that he is able to complete his journey.

20 JUN 2016

Batu 12 Gombak house in progress

Remember the Batu 12 Gombak house I posted in February this year, where the daughter fall from upstairs through floor as the floorboard is rotting? The house is now being repaired and 50% is done. We target to finish by month end. Thank you to Uncle David Wu, who agreed to continue with ‪#‎ProjekWumah2‬, under ‪#‎CycleToChina‬ initiatives which was backed by ‪#‎webecommunity‬. We are happy to announce that David Wu has decided to donate the amount unlocked under webe community amounting RM100k, which was initially the funding for his Cycle To China trip. Special thank you note should be forwarded to David Wu. Now more houses can be repaired and more family will get chance to have a better quality of life. Its about giving them hope and let's show, we Malaysians are caring society. If you would like to contribute to Projek Wumah #2, details is as follow: Beneficiary: Be The Change Resources Maybank Acc: 562 731 117688 #ProjekWumah2 #CycleToChina If you know homes that needs repair, do drop me an email to Thank you too to #webecommunity for the opportunity and ‪#‎makeithappen‬.


"Let's fix it together!"

by David Wu

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