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14 JAN 2017


At the end, the emotions got the better of me. The last 10 km were all tears. Those of joy and a sense of accomplishment. To be where my roots are from is unbelievably surreal. The journey had everything in it to make all of this worthwhile.
Mom was the first to know. It was an emotional phone call, for sure. She said "I love you" and that was good enough for me.
Thank you, each and every one of you who rode this with me. It has been my privilege, truly. Allow me settle my nerves and emotions and I shall write later. I need to go and find some nasi kandar first.
Thank you team #projekwumah2.
Thank you #webecommunity for keeping the faith
Welcome to Taishan.
For the final time, #cycletochina Day #69 is completed. Mission is accomplished.
#JustWuIt #kedahan #malaysian

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