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14 JAN 2017
Cycle to China is moving from Hat Yai to Songkla

Some of you may wonder why am I posting about Cycling to China, right?
This a is a project collaboration between us and David Wu under Projek Wumah #2, a project that helps to repair homes that needs TLC and giving new hope to the residents of the homes.
David has decided to cycle to China to understand and learn about his roots and ancestors. He has also pledged to collect funds to repair more homes while cycling 4,000km to China.
While providing food aid to the needy, we came across homes that need help. Therefore we decided to work with David based on his experience in repairing 15 homes after the Kelantan flood. We thought it would be a good collaboration between us as we have never repaired houses before.
This project is generously backed by webe community. 
#makeithappen #webecommunity #cycletochina #projekwumah2


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