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14 JAN 2017
4 generations of Wu.

4 generations of Wu.
The late Ng Hoong Ken (great grandfather), the late Ng Poh Kiat (grandfather), the late Ng Soin Jin @ Wu Chuan Ying (dad) and last but not least...
Beyond that, 2 more generations have also followed since my grandfather got on that boat a long time ago, making it a total of 6 generations.
Come ride with me as I attempt to retrace my family history and discover my ancestral origins. It will be fascinating I am certain, even for me.
And wouldn't it be wonderful to use this opportunity to also help make a difference in the lives of others?
Starts 6th May 2016 @ Alor Setar
#cycletochina #JustWuIt #makeithappen #projekwumah2 #malaysian #webecommunity

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