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10 MAY 2016
Greetings from Southern Thailand
Finally the body is caving in slowly. The lethargy is creeping in and the body feels overheated inside, literally. Truth be told, I'm still in disbelief that #cycletochina is already underway. At times I don't even know where I'm headed, to be honest. But I do know that I am on a multi faceted mission, and that it is a serious mission. Not just a sponsored joyride. It is a long journey, and one that I don't even know if I can complete. All I know is I wouldn't start something I don't intend to finish. Am not frivolous like that, but do give me a little more time to consolidate my emotions and frame of mind first because the REAL challenge i.e. Projek Wumah 2 remains. How do I convince you, and the public in general, that it IS a worthwhile cause weighs heavy on my mind. I guess we shall cross the bridge when we get to it. I know I will find the inspiration to word Hayati Ismail's and my aspirations at various stages along this journey. And leave it to you to decide if our endeavors will be worth your while too. Meantime, I hope someone will turn down the gas on the sun today otherwise no one at the ancestral village will believe I am related to them. Cheers, David Wu #JustWuIt #makeithappen #projekwumah2

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