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Cycle to China

Fundraising for the needy can be a challenge, but if you put your mind to it, it can also be a great adventure. #cycletochina

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13 APRIL 2016

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Cycle to China

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It’s David Wu and Hayati Ismail here. In our own little way, we’ve been helping the Malaysian community, but this time we want to help in a bigger way to rebuild homes around Malaysia.

A little effort can go a long way.

It's really simple. This project is about me, David, cycling to my ancestral village in China to learn more about my roots and family origins. I hope to also use this opportunity to help raise funds for the underprivileged. Hayati, on the other hand, will be in Malaysia to help identify homes that could do with repairs. Beyond this, we also hope to maintain the identity, culture and community that surround these homes.

Going the distance for the underprivileged.

I will depart from my home town of Alor Setar on cycle to the Guangdong province in China where my ancestral village is located, covering a distance of approximately 4000 km over an estimated period of 2 months. The aim is to raise as much money as possible to help repair as many homes across Malaysia throughout the duration of the ride. Hayati will help identify these homes and also manage the projects while I'm on the road. We have already identified the first home for this project and it belongs to a family of 7 in Gombak. The house is sadly in a deplorable state, providing unfavourable living conditions. With your support, hopefully we can convert the house into something much better.

The aim is to raise as much money as possible to help repair as many homes across Malaysia throughout the duration of the ride.

Journeys within a journey.

The cycle project will be constantly updated and do expect videos, photos and related stories. I hope to be able to meet Malaysians living abroad along the route as well, to share as well as to listen to their thoughts on how to make our country a better one. This is my proposed route, mapped out using Google Maps as far as possible. The ride will take me to Bangkok, Siem Reap, Hanoi, the Chinese border, and finally to my ancestral home, where I am likely to stay for about a week to learn as much as I can about my heritage.

My journey will start from Alor Setar, and pass through Bangkok, Siam Reap, Hanoi...

...and all the way to my ancestral village in China.

Below are some towns that I will be stopping over. If you are a Malaysian and you are there at that time do come give me a shout out and some encouragement. May 7th – Hat Yai May 10th - Thung Song District May 13th – Surat Thani May 22nd – Hua Hin May 25th – Bangkok June 13th – Angkor Wat June 24st - Hanoi July 17th - Guangzhou

Raising funds for the poor is in our blood.

David Wu This is not the first time I’m doing something for the community. People may know me as the crazy guy who walked from Kota Bahru to help raise funds to repair homes of flood victims in Kelantan. My walk from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bahru was a tribute to my late sister who taught me the importance of helping others, so I knew I wanted to cycle to China for a greater cause, other than wanting to visit where my ancestors came from. So I’m really excited about the trip, because it will raise funds on a bigger scale. My walk was part of Projek Wumah (, a community effort driven by public contributions to help improve the living conditions of the hardcore poor affected by the floods in Kelantan. Hayati Ismail I’m a project director for Food Aid Foundation (] and believe in improving the lives of the poor and marginalised. I’ve visited plenty of underprivileged families’ homes for food distribution, and have noticed a desperate need for their homes to get fixed. I’m glad that David and I have finally teamed up, so together we can have a positive effect on these families and homes.

Why we’re doing this project.

With the help of webe community, the Cycling to China project will give us a chance to continue our efforts to repair more homes for these families. Besides raising funds to repair homes, we also want to raise awareness of the plight of others. We want to rekindle the Malaysian pride and try get the community to come together to make a difference with us. By giving your support to our project, you’re not just pledging for David to cycle to China, but you’re pledging for a greater cause: to repair the homes for those in need and help improve their lives as well.

After you support our project.

There are some surplus funds from the last fundraising that David did under Project Wumah and we will be putting them to good use. We have identified a home in Gombak that desperately needs fixing. Hayati will continue to identify homes that need fixing. We hope to get all the funds raised by 23rd July to continue the good work. We will be announcing the bank account that will be used for the collection of funds once this project is unlocked. Please help us make this happen and improve the lives of many that are really in need.

"Let's fix it together!"

by David Wu

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