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11 OCT 2017

Because of the rate that everyone from young to old is using the internet, companies have to move online or lose valuable business. Having a company website allows local companies to take their business to the global space.

E-commerce has also seen a rise with everyone using it from young children to even old adults. As an organisation helping single mothers and mothers of OKU children market and sell cookies, we couldn’t lose this opportunity to market our services online.

Through this website portal, anyone can see our large selection of cookies from our dedicated team of single mothers and mothers of OKU children. The photos and write-ups of the cookies are also eye-catching and mouth-watering.

A website makes things more convenient for both the buyer and the seller.


So what is SUNRISE CB ENTERPRISE? Our team is made up of 15 beneficiaries comprising both single mothers and mothers of OKU children. While some mothers are still a little slow in adopting technology, once they get the hang of it, they are able to take their business online effectively. The website allows these mothers to worry less about marketing their products, so that they may focus on raising their children. The added benefit to consumers is that orders are always ‘fresh from the oven’ as mothers only prepare the cookies when the order is received.


Without the website, the business is stifled. Mothers would have to invest precious time and money to figure out ways to market their product. Imagine the chore of doing door-to-door sales, printing costly flyers, waking up early to bring the products to a morning market, or staying up late to sell at a Pasar Malam while having to care for a child?

While a website’s development and maintenance also creates cost, it is nowhere as high as the cost to mothers without the website. Best of all, mothers are given time to be mothers to their children.




The interface of the website allows visitors to browse through cookie options and order the ones they want through a simple process. Mothers will also be able to create an ad on to make their product available to a wider market.

An E-Commerce Training Session sponsored by webe Community

Through the investment of webe Community, Sunrise CB Enterprise has created a website, which has been beneficial to both the mothers and Sunrise CB Enterprise. Mothers have also been able to market their products in as well.  




The website has improved the way we sell and advertise.

Cost Effective: We save on printing and distribution costs because the website acts as a brochure/catalogue that can be updated anytime. We also have easy access to new customers because all this information is available 24 hours a day on our website. The existing customers can refer us to their friends and relatives using our website.

Market Expansion: As the website is available throughout the year, we are able to cater to a worldwide audience.


Convenient: Selling products online is cheaper and easier for sellers as well as customers. If there’s an update to the pick-up location, customers can still contact the company via the website.

Feedback: Customers can quickly and easily contact us with their feedback on our products or ask about our products’ availability.

Legitimacy: Having this website has helped to build our reputation as a business. Now, consumers know that we mean business.

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