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11 SEP 2017
Website Development

There was a turn of events in this season for the betterment of our product marketing & sales. Our Website has been further enhanced under highlights such as:-

HOME / ABOUT US/ SHOP BY PRODUCTS/ NEWS / ACTIVITIES /CONTACT US appended below.                                                                    

To further endorse the products SUNRISE has come up with a maxim (Motto). “Shining Bright Light Of Hope”                             

In a way this aligns with the very intention for the setup up of the company.





We, ventured into this business with the sole notion of “whatever, we do, we do it to the best of our ability and from the very depth of our heart……i.e. “BAKING FROM THE HEART”

Like every other business, this business is a rat race (fiercely competitive). Hence, we give our utmost best to be in the flow, fulfilling what we have set out to do.


With a good many health conscious consumers today, as well as those to whom sugar is taboo and yet crave to eat cookies, we took into consideration the appended as an important element in marketing our unique baked goods.

Firstly it is akin to hand produced goods        -Handmade Cookies

Secondly we avoid additives                             -No Preservatives

Thirdly we cater for the diet conscious          -Low Sugar

And the sugar (taboo) cravers                          -Sugar Free

Fourthly, we avoid substitutes                         -Pure Original Puree



Get to know us through our website.

Who are we?

What is our History?

What is our Vision and Mission?

Who are our Team?

What is our Involvement?





With a lot of hype about ‘gluten free’ food, it can be found on our shelf. Pick your choice, eat and stay healthy.

General                    : Dark Chocolate Almond Cookies; Durian                                             Cookies

Gluten Free             : Aroma Coffee Cookies; Rainbow Cookies

Vegetarian              : Peanut Cookies; Aroma Coffee Cookies;                                              Rainbow Cookies

Diabetic                    : Stevia Raisin Oatmeal Cookies; Stevia                                                 Butter Cookies




NEWS             Below is a recap. 1505105421-image.png

Sunrise CB enterprise never fails to identify with the hard work of the ‘MOTHERS’ of each beneficiary. We identify with their emotional struggles, anxieties, worries, the ups and downs in raising their handicapped (OKU) children.  Despite all these, they unceasingly press on with their ‘special babies’ overcoming the shortcomings that stands in the way. That is what is called a mother’s unfailing love. O! Our salute to these mothers. To commemorate them, we celebrated MOTHER’S DAY ON 12TH MAY 2017, just to appreciate their effort and cooperation and their willingness to accompany their children to the baking training sessions with us. Yes, the art of MOTHERING is to teach the art of LIVING to children.

On 19th May, 2017 we celebrated “Teacher’s Day.”  This, was in appreciation of the time and effort and the sacrifice made by the teachers from PEKTAS, as well as teachers from our OWN team: ~ANB AGROTRAINERS~   ~SUNRISE CB ENTERPRISE~    ~EAGLE’S EYES~   &  ~ THE TWO TRAINED OKU LADIES~  from Sunrise CB Enterprise.  


ACTIVITIES        Training  &  Sponsorship.  Details can be found in our website.



CONTACT US           We’d be pleased to entertain you in every way.



The website is also linked to Facebook and Instagram of Sunrise CB Enterprise.


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