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20 AUG 2017
E-Commerce Training

SUBJECT          :  e-Commerce Training

DURATION      :  5 Days



The very main purpose of this course is to strategize, educate, equip and open the mind of the (OKU) beneficiaries together with their individual mothers on the modern day `know how’ of buying and selling of a variety of merchandise right from their home. None should be left behind in a ‘rat race’ world such as now.

Although, the attendees may have some hearsay knowledge on the subject, SUNRISE ensured that they get hands on training (real world training) to move on…… “Have a computer with internet connection– you will travel online” Ha! Ha!

This programme being coordinated by Sunrise CB Enterprise, found it necessary to include single mothers, as well as the teachers from PEKTAS and the Document Administrators. As amongst them were also senior citizens who had not enjoyed the privilege of using computers before, so this was quite an experience for them.

The venue chosen for the course was College Community Seberang Jaya (Kolej Komuniti Seberang Jaya). It is a very strategic place, whereby, it was easily accessible to every attendee. Moreover, the place holds a large parking area.

 What more, parking is FREE!






Just to recap, the focus of this e-commerce training was to bring about awareness that there are other ways and means of doing business,  tapping useful information, displaying

advertisements,  instant communication etc.etc.                            By way of this, we wanted them (the attendees) to know the kind of sophisticated world we are currently living in and that we should blend to make progress.                                                                                                         

The following are Applications that we were coached on:

  • Microsoft - Word
  • Microsoft - Power Point
  • Microsoft - Excel
  • Basic Internet Explorer
  • Selling through Facebook/Instagram/Mudah/Lelong
  • Buying via Lazada/Mudah


DAY 1: Application of MS Word

Microsoft Word helps to manage one’s daily life official work.    It is the most user friendly of applications. It allows users to type and save documents.  Similar to other word processors, it has helpful tools to make documents.  This day, we learnt to create a WORD document.    



In the above pic the trainer has the FULL attention of the class.

Since, almost all were novices to the subject matter, they are all ‘ears’.



The trainer giving a detailed explanation to a particular keen student upon request.


DAY 2: Application of MS Power Point


PowerPoint is commonly used in a variety of ways such as businesses, education, government & non-government employees and many others as well. This computerized slide-shows enhance the presentation. It allows the presenter to present their subject smoothly and in sequence. While the audience hear the presenter speak (oral delivery of the topic) they are also able to see the visuals or illustrations. The idea is to  impact and convince the viewers.


As a presentation tool PowerPoint can be used to:

  • -organise and structure your presentation.
  • -create a professional and consistent format.
  • -provide an illustrative backdrop for the content of your  presentation;
  • -animate your slides to give them greater visual impact.

It is a very interesting application software, where, we can present our projects to the audience and attract their focus of attention to what we would like to convey to them.



The above picture  is an encourager.

Seen here is one of the OKU youths (centre) teaching her mother. Though both are new to the subject, she managed to grasp and impart to her mother the little she had learnt.

Could this be a hidden talent that has been stimulated at this

  training?  It sure is and this is INDEED wonderful!                                          There is no stopping her now!


DAY 3: Basic Internet Explorer

  • What is internet?
  • What is E-Commerce?
  • What is Non E-Commerce ?
  • Pros and Cons in E-Commerce Website.

In this session we learnt `How to Create Yahoo Account Online’ which can now enable the user to have access to do online buying & selling.



Since, a majority present were first timers, the trainer exercised great patience with each individual.


DAY 4:  How to sell through Facebook~Instagram         ~Mudah~Lelong

How to buy from Lazada~Mudah



Madame Lau, founder and owner of SUNRISE CB ENTERPRISE is seen here in deep concentration. 


 Hmm!  This is one useful tool to apply in our current business seems to be her thought.  “ADVERTISING, PROMOTING & SELLING  SUNRISE  COOKIES THROUGH THE INTERNET!” Wah! Wah……..!”

It sure is an easy and effective way to reach out to buyers ALL from the comfort of your own home.


DAY 5: Application of MS Excel


1503222776-image.png                                      1503222808-image.png

Excel is an Electronic Spread Sheet Program.                                  An electronic spread sheet is a computer software program that is used for storing, organizing and manipulating data.                                                       

A spread sheet allows us to create worksheets, charts and lists based on data entered.

We found out that it is the most difficult software to learn and the most widely used.                                                                             (In the above pics) Everyone is lending their ears to the lecturer. None want to miss the teaching!                                    Today’s lessons will come in very handy too because of its versatility.

Just as the trainees were beginning to get a feel of it – testing, trying and exploring, the 5 day session had to end.                   Maybe 5 days was too short a duration to get a good grip of this interesting subject.


ALL GOOD THINGS MUST END AS WELL …’s time to leave the party!



Group photo of the 16 E-Commerce Trainees with the Trainers.




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