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22 JUL 2017
Gas Oven Calibration


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The Calibration of an oven is highly important. If it is out of calibration, the baked item becomes burnt or undercooked. The purpose of oven calibration:                              

A) To understand the operation of the oven.                                            B) To ensure the temperature is spread out evenly.                                                   

C) To know the temperature set and time required to bake specific cookies e.g. Butter cookies to be baked at 170˚C (upper heat) and 130˚C (lower Heat) for 23-25 minutes.




The founder of #webehelpinghands Madam Lau did a test run of the calibration by baking butter cookies with a helper from PEKTAS.



“I am putting in two 60 x 40cm trays in the first tier” says Madam Lau.

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