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26 JUN 2017
Celebrating Mother's Day

Before, we concluded the day’s session, we remembered the hard work of the ‘MOTHERS’ of each beneficiary. We could identify with their emotional struggles, anxieties, worries, the ups and downs in raising their handicapped (OKU) children.  Yet, in all these they unceasingly press on with their ‘special babies’ despite all the shortcomings. That is what is called mother’s unfailing love.  O! Our salute to these mothers.

                                                                                          To commemorate them, we celebrated MOTHER’S DAY ON 12TH MAY 2017 during the training session, just to appreciate their effort and cooperation and their willingness to accompany their children to this baking sessions with us. Yes, the art of MOTHERING is to teach the art of LIVING to children.

And by way of this celebration, the idea was to create ‘a sense of belonging’ and at the same time build up relationship between the teachers, mothers and beneficiaries.



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