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26 JUN 2017
Exercising The Numbers


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O! It is accuracy and accuracy alone  which is particularly important to produce  irresistible and tasty cookies.

A baker must be expert in “Measuring Ingredients”.                                                      The founder of Sunrise CB Enterprise #webehelpinghands taught our beneficiaries on the operating of weighing scale. It is highly essential for them to know how to measure and weigh ingredients such as plain flour, sugar and other dry ingredients to ensure right proportions according to recipes.

First and foremost, one skill every learner should be precise with is the measurement of ingredients. I mean all measurement of ingredients required in the recipe. It is not an option but essential/necessary when one is learning to cook. The correct balance of ingredients makes food taste good.                    It is also ‘THE’ way to maintain the taste of the food consistently.

We taught our beneficiaries on how to operate the weighing scale, such as:

  1. How to “ON/OFF” the scale.
  2. How to use the “TARE” button (To weight different ingredients in the same container)
  3. How to use “MODE” button (To choose the unit of “gm” or “oz”)


Secondly, our beneficiaries also learnt how to measure liquids such as vegetable oil, peanut oil, water and other liquids by using measuring cups as shown in the picture.


Besides, equipping the beneficiaries on their measuring skills, we imparted some general knowledge too.                                                                                                    An experiment was carried out to determine the freshness of eggs.

TEST 1: If an egg is immersed in a glass of water and if the egg sinks to the bottom of the glass, and lies horizontal at the bottom, then, that egg is classified as FRESH for use.

TEST 2: If that very egg begins to tilt (it is still okay- can still use) but if it floats or rises to the top of the glass that means, it has lost its FRESHNESS and has gone stale.

NOTE: This experiment will not be carried out all the time.

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A Recipe Has No Soul.


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