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18 JUN 2017

Our second class was getting ‘hands on hands’. Good hygiene practices require the highest level of cleanliness. #webehelpinghands want our beneficiaries in kitchen to comply with MESTI standards, as required by Ministry of Health. 
Our *D.A.Y beneficiaries showed much interest in the activity. Madam Lau showed them the 7 steps to wash hand and the class was engaging. The beneficiaries were attentive to listen and follow through the instructions. So much of hand washing till the sanitizer run out and the entire kitchen smelled so fragrant! 
We believe that although our *D.A.Y beneficiaries might be slow to understand, but if they were willing to learn, we believe they can manage to conquer their anxiety eventually and participate better in the activities and bakery work later. 
We had our Business English class taught by tutor Madam Thilakavathy , founder of social enterprise called Eagle Eye. That was a fun filled class with intervals of games. The beneficiaries now will move on to the 3rd classes to learn baking essentials. 
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*D.A.Y  Different Abled Youth

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