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18 JUN 2017

On 21st of April ,me and my team consisting of Madam Thilakavathy, and 2 different abled person  Shamila  and Sharon had the opportunity to start our 6 weeks of baking workshop at PEKTAS (Persatuan Untuk Kanak Kanak Terencat Akal) located in Butterworth,Penang. 
We were fascinated about the school ever since we heard about it early this year. Currently there are over 46 beneficiaries in the school  consisting of Malay, Chinese and Indian. Most of them can’t be classified as ‘kanak kanak’ or children anymore as they are now in their early 20s. Most of them find work in nearby medium scale enterprises producing processed food items and stationeries. A mother of the different abled youth told us “ dia kerja pun pekerja lain ejek dia cacat, so dia malu,marah …. tak mau pergi kerja”. ..which means  the  *OKU person been treated as laughing stock and the  OKU person feel embarrassed and retaliate angrily by not going to work. 
#webehelpinghands desired to change this scenario. Our motto is to beam BRIGHT LIGHT OF HOPE. We want to be the catalyst to transform the livelihood of this youth OKU youths and even their mothers. A great work has begun. The journey started gloriously with 43 attendeees on the first day itself! We had basic business English class conducted by our English tutor Madam Thilakavathy to enable our beneficiaries to recognize the untensils and equipments in the bakery.We are looking forward to our next class. #webecommunity #confirmwebe #confirmmalaysian

*OKU = Orang Kurang Upaya / Disabled Person (we are going to empower them as different abled person who will be able to stand on their own. Powered by WEBE) 

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