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01 JUN 2017
Ground Zero, 7 Commandments To Getting Start

As a seasoned cookie maker, we always train our beneficiaries to have an eye on the mis ‘en pla’ce. When it comes to hygiene practises, all we ladies ensure both our eyes and hands work in tandem. Trimming nails, removing rings on finger, wearing apron and cap…..bring along a cheerful baker’s spirit to make the cookies ‘smiling’…..we teach them all.

At, Sunrise CB social enterprise, we guide our ladies, especially our precious special need ladies from ground zero on how to wear proper baking attire such as apron, hair cap and gloves as well as the ‘7 Steps Of Hand Washing’ as per MeSTI, Food Safety Requirements..


From Left…Shamila, Chai Choo and Sharon putting on their Aprons…gently…

reaaaaaally gently without hurting the aprons


The beneficiaries are so “in to it” and paying attention to the teacher.

Although they don’t have experience at all in professional baking but they do show interest and passion to learn. And, I always believe “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”


Aprons on, up goes the hair cap crowning the ladies and throning them the authority to rule the kitchen. Shamila and Sharon seen in the picture above adjusting their cap. They learned that their hairs cannot be exposed but must be covered up totally to prevent hair from dropping onto the cookies during the operation of baking. “What impression will a consumer give when they find a hair in the cookies?”  asked Madam Lau, the friendly lady in blue apron. “Surely Angry Teacher Chai Choo!”…said the beneficiaries in chorus.



To prevent direct contact with the dough during making cookies, the beneficiaries are required to wear gloves. This will reduce the contamination to the cookies baked. It will always avoid unnecessary heat transfer from hand to dough.(that’s a tip!)



Then we repeat the 7 commandments of the kitchen to the beneficiaries

Thou shall trim fingernails,

Thou shall not use nail polish,

Thou shall not wear ring,

Thou shall not wear ear-ring,

Thou shall not apply lotion to hand,

Thou shall not put on perfume,

Thou shall not wear make up, (really??...oh yeah it is in MeSTI regulation thou)

“Beauty is not on your face, beauty is about enhancing what you have.” I don’t know where Madam Lau gets this punch dialogues but she got dozen more coming. “We believe a good baker can be trained if the beneficiary is willing to adhere to what she learns”


1496327999-image.png                 1496328025-image.png

“Last not the least, our beneficiaries are trained to wash their hands according to the “7 Steps Of Hand Washing” as per MeSTI Food Safety Requirements. They have to wash their hands before any baking operation starts and also after using the toilet. This is the most important hygienic practices that required for food handling”.

Madam Lau’s Sunrise CB social enterprise collaborates with another social enterprise called Eagle’s Eye, a language competency training enterprise. The founder of Eagle’s Eye is Sister Thilaka (Thilakavathy d/o Karuppiah). She does amazing work to teach BUSINESS ENGLISH for BAKING for Shamila and Sharon.





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