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Project created from 03 May 2017


We are to create customized sustainable livelihood opportunities for poor and disempowered community #webehelpinghands

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Madam Lau wants to create customized sustainable livelihood opportunities for poor and disempowered community members by providing a safe personal and professional development environment in running a cookie baking business, related capacity building and cottage industry, and counselling services. Our mission is to provide these ladies from the B40 group with training and equipment and help them to scale the business till their ready on their own. People who benefit from this community project are single mum and ladies with low income and also OKU ladies.



22 JUL 2017

Gas Oven Calibration


1500733521-image.png  1500733541-image.png                                  

The Calibration of an oven is highly important. If it is out of calibration, the baked item becomes burnt or undercooked. The purpose of oven calibration:                              

A) To understand the operation of the oven.                                            B) To ensure the temperature is spread out evenly.                                                   

C) To know the temperature set and time required to bake specific cookies e.g. Butter cookies to be baked at 170˚C (upper heat) and 130˚C (lower Heat) for 23-25 minutes.




The founder of #webehelpinghands Madam Lau did a test run of the calibration by baking butter cookies with a helper from PEKTAS.



“I am putting in two 60 x 40cm trays in the first tier” says Madam Lau.

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22 JUL 2017

Purchase of Equipment


In the 2nd Week was the delight in the hustle and bustle of the Purchase Kitchen Equipment.

With the help of webe Community Funding ‘#webehelpinghands’ had yet another level of progress in their forth coming project.  A New Kitchen was setup before work begins. 


WHAT IS ‘webe’?

It is an off shoot of Telekom Malaysia originally called Packet One Networks (M) Sdn Bhd (P1). ‘webe’ is a new digital mobility services provider. Within ‘webe’ is a community of people who run the show. Their core call is to upgrade the living standard of the impoverished people within Malaysia. This ‘webe community’ sets out to select and empower deserving candidates within the local community who come and band together to make things become a reality for the deserving ones. Upon being selected as so called champions ‘webe’ gives out funds to these selected champions and ‘Sunrisecbenterprise (established June 2016) is one such champion. 



As a social enterprise they help the Malaysian Community mainly the poor and the underprivileged. Thus, ‘webe’ engages such project champions and back them with funding, who in turn by use of their skills give  a ‘Free Of Charge’ (FOC) training to the society. Upon completion of this training stint, these trainees are absorbed as employees by the trainer. Thus, jobs are created and needs are met! 



Priority goes mainly to Persatuan Untuk Kanak Kanak Terencat Akal students first, (acronymed PEKTAS)

Why?  The kitchen is located at PEKTAS.

In collaboration of PEKTAS and SUNRISE CB ENTERPRISE, invite intake of age eighteen and above. They are comprised of every race both male & female without any discrimination.



The much needed, much awaited various kitchen gadgets arrived at PEKTAS. This arrival was a much awaited moment. With the fund accorded ‘webehelpinghands’ was able to procure need based items such as:


             ITEM                      BRAND

  • Commercial Oven  [   THE BAKER ]           Chiller      [  Snow –i-max ]
  • Cooling Rack          [   THE BAKER        ]
  • Tables                      [   THE BAKER        ]
  • Tiered Racks          [   PEARL MILE       ]
  • Mixer                     [  IMBACO         ]







    It consumes very minimum energy  and in the long run is very economical compared to electric ovens. The advantage of this gas oven is, it allows two baking trays with a size of 60cm x 40cm in each tier. With 6 large trays going in the production is increased.



    The supplier giving a demonstration.  Looking on is the Owner of Sunrise Madam Lau.




    THE MIXER WITH TWO 10 LITRE BOWLS– Mainly for commercial use. 

    Madam Lau did a test run and baked her first butter cookies very successfully.





    CHILLER – The purpose of this chiller is to store the bulk purchase of raw ingredients or component parts.




    This unit is space conserving and hygienic too, especially when mass baking is involved. The cooling is a very important stage before the final stage (packing). This cooling rack enables you to see and sort the good pieces and makes packing easy. Moreover, with the fitted rollers there is mobility and it allows the baker to move at convenience.


    1500732906-image.png         1500732927-image.png 


    These tables allow enough space at preparation. 6 people can easily work around each of the 2 tables.  The stainless steel top allows easy cleaning and is more durable and rust free.  The bottom deck is used to store the trays and other utensils, required in the on-going process while working, and it is all within easy reach for the beneficiaries. 




This, is another highly essential item. These OKU (+moms) students are trained to keep the working area clean and organized. Racks are used for storing all baking utensils as well as for storing the raw materials used in the packaging of  cookies. Training them to be organized can improve their work performance and be in better control and be efficient in what they do.  This may eventually bring about a `can do’ attitude.





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10 JUL 2017

Motivational Self Leadership

On 2 June,2017, the OKU youths’ mothers and members of community who are interested in Sunrise CB Enterprise baking training were invited to attend the program on “Motivational Self Leadership” which organized by AnB Agro Trainers in association with Macromways Sdn Bhd (Datin Sharifah Norazah Al Yahya,Executive Director).


The program provides knowledge of personal and social awareness, how to  be an effective and efficient leaders.


The training conducted received good response and the beneficiaries gave tremendous feedback. Generally, the beneficiary who were fully trained remarked they feel better, no fear and more confident now to make income for their families. 15 out of 26 trainees mentioned that they see increase in income.

26 JUN 2017

Celebrating Mother's Day

Before, we concluded the day’s session, we remembered the hard work of the ‘MOTHERS’ of each beneficiary. We could identify with their emotional struggles, anxieties, worries, the ups and downs in raising their handicapped (OKU) children.  Yet, in all these they unceasingly press on with their ‘special babies’ despite all the shortcomings. That is what is called mother’s unfailing love.  O! Our salute to these mothers.

                                                                                          To commemorate them, we celebrated MOTHER’S DAY ON 12TH MAY 2017 during the training session, just to appreciate their effort and cooperation and their willingness to accompany their children to this baking sessions with us. Yes, the art of MOTHERING is to teach the art of LIVING to children.

And by way of this celebration, the idea was to create ‘a sense of belonging’ and at the same time build up relationship between the teachers, mothers and beneficiaries.



  Looking forward to find out more from Facebook #webehelpinghands

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26 JUN 2017

Exercising The Numbers


A Pinch Of Patience                                                                                                         A Dash Of Kindness                                                                                                                     A Spoonful Of Laughter                                                                                                                  And A Heap Of Love …….’Unquote’                                                                                                               

………….. seems to be the order of the day




O! It is accuracy and accuracy alone  which is particularly important to produce  irresistible and tasty cookies.

A baker must be expert in “Measuring Ingredients”.                                                      The founder of Sunrise CB Enterprise #webehelpinghands taught our beneficiaries on the operating of weighing scale. It is highly essential for them to know how to measure and weigh ingredients such as plain flour, sugar and other dry ingredients to ensure right proportions according to recipes.

First and foremost, one skill every learner should be precise with is the measurement of ingredients. I mean all measurement of ingredients required in the recipe. It is not an option but essential/necessary when one is learning to cook. The correct balance of ingredients makes food taste good.                    It is also ‘THE’ way to maintain the taste of the food consistently.

We taught our beneficiaries on how to operate the weighing scale, such as:

  1. How to “ON/OFF” the scale.
  2. How to use the “TARE” button (To weight different ingredients in the same container)
  3. How to use “MODE” button (To choose the unit of “gm” or “oz”)


Secondly, our beneficiaries also learnt how to measure liquids such as vegetable oil, peanut oil, water and other liquids by using measuring cups as shown in the picture.


Besides, equipping the beneficiaries on their measuring skills, we imparted some general knowledge too.                                                                                                    An experiment was carried out to determine the freshness of eggs.

TEST 1: If an egg is immersed in a glass of water and if the egg sinks to the bottom of the glass, and lies horizontal at the bottom, then, that egg is classified as FRESH for use.

TEST 2: If that very egg begins to tilt (it is still okay- can still use) but if it floats or rises to the top of the glass that means, it has lost its FRESHNESS and has gone stale.

NOTE: This experiment will not be carried out all the time.

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A Recipe Has No Soul.


As The Cook

Must Bring


                       To The Recipe …………  (by Thomas Keller)

18 JUN 2017


Our second class was getting ‘hands on hands’. Good hygiene practices require the highest level of cleanliness. #webehelpinghands want our beneficiaries in kitchen to comply with MESTI standards, as required by Ministry of Health. 
Our *D.A.Y beneficiaries showed much interest in the activity. Madam Lau showed them the 7 steps to wash hand and the class was engaging. The beneficiaries were attentive to listen and follow through the instructions. So much of hand washing till the sanitizer run out and the entire kitchen smelled so fragrant! 
We believe that although our *D.A.Y beneficiaries might be slow to understand, but if they were willing to learn, we believe they can manage to conquer their anxiety eventually and participate better in the activities and bakery work later. 
We had our Business English class taught by tutor Madam Thilakavathy , founder of social enterprise called Eagle Eye. That was a fun filled class with intervals of games. The beneficiaries now will move on to the 3rd classes to learn baking essentials. 
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*D.A.Y  Different Abled Youth

18 JUN 2017


On 21st of April ,me and my team consisting of Madam Thilakavathy, and 2 different abled person  Shamila  and Sharon had the opportunity to start our 6 weeks of baking workshop at PEKTAS (Persatuan Untuk Kanak Kanak Terencat Akal) located in Butterworth,Penang. 
We were fascinated about the school ever since we heard about it early this year. Currently there are over 46 beneficiaries in the school  consisting of Malay, Chinese and Indian. Most of them can’t be classified as ‘kanak kanak’ or children anymore as they are now in their early 20s. Most of them find work in nearby medium scale enterprises producing processed food items and stationeries. A mother of the different abled youth told us “ dia kerja pun pekerja lain ejek dia cacat, so dia malu,marah …. tak mau pergi kerja”. ..which means  the  *OKU person been treated as laughing stock and the  OKU person feel embarrassed and retaliate angrily by not going to work. 
#webehelpinghands desired to change this scenario. Our motto is to beam BRIGHT LIGHT OF HOPE. We want to be the catalyst to transform the livelihood of this youth OKU youths and even their mothers. A great work has begun. The journey started gloriously with 43 attendeees on the first day itself! We had basic business English class conducted by our English tutor Madam Thilakavathy to enable our beneficiaries to recognize the untensils and equipments in the bakery.We are looking forward to our next class. #webecommunity #confirmwebe #confirmmalaysian

*OKU = Orang Kurang Upaya / Disabled Person (we are going to empower them as different abled person who will be able to stand on their own. Powered by WEBE) 

01 JUN 2017

Ground Zero, 7 Commandments To Getting Start

As a seasoned cookie maker, we always train our beneficiaries to have an eye on the mis ‘en pla’ce. When it comes to hygiene practises, all we ladies ensure both our eyes and hands work in tandem. Trimming nails, removing rings on finger, wearing apron and cap…..bring along a cheerful baker’s spirit to make the cookies ‘smiling’…..we teach them all.

At, Sunrise CB social enterprise, we guide our ladies, especially our precious special need ladies from ground zero on how to wear proper baking attire such as apron, hair cap and gloves as well as the ‘7 Steps Of Hand Washing’ as per MeSTI, Food Safety Requirements..


From Left…Shamila, Chai Choo and Sharon putting on their Aprons…gently…

reaaaaaally gently without hurting the aprons


The beneficiaries are so “in to it” and paying attention to the teacher.

Although they don’t have experience at all in professional baking but they do show interest and passion to learn. And, I always believe “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”


Aprons on, up goes the hair cap crowning the ladies and throning them the authority to rule the kitchen. Shamila and Sharon seen in the picture above adjusting their cap. They learned that their hairs cannot be exposed but must be covered up totally to prevent hair from dropping onto the cookies during the operation of baking. “What impression will a consumer give when they find a hair in the cookies?”  asked Madam Lau, the friendly lady in blue apron. “Surely Angry Teacher Chai Choo!”…said the beneficiaries in chorus.



To prevent direct contact with the dough during making cookies, the beneficiaries are required to wear gloves. This will reduce the contamination to the cookies baked. It will always avoid unnecessary heat transfer from hand to dough.(that’s a tip!)



Then we repeat the 7 commandments of the kitchen to the beneficiaries

Thou shall trim fingernails,

Thou shall not use nail polish,

Thou shall not wear ring,

Thou shall not wear ear-ring,

Thou shall not apply lotion to hand,

Thou shall not put on perfume,

Thou shall not wear make up, (really??...oh yeah it is in MeSTI regulation thou)

“Beauty is not on your face, beauty is about enhancing what you have.” I don’t know where Madam Lau gets this punch dialogues but she got dozen more coming. “We believe a good baker can be trained if the beneficiary is willing to adhere to what she learns”


1496327999-image.png                 1496328025-image.png

“Last not the least, our beneficiaries are trained to wash their hands according to the “7 Steps Of Hand Washing” as per MeSTI Food Safety Requirements. They have to wash their hands before any baking operation starts and also after using the toilet. This is the most important hygienic practices that required for food handling”.

Madam Lau’s Sunrise CB social enterprise collaborates with another social enterprise called Eagle’s Eye, a language competency training enterprise. The founder of Eagle’s Eye is Sister Thilaka (Thilakavathy d/o Karuppiah). She does amazing work to teach BUSINESS ENGLISH for BAKING for Shamila and Sharon.






"After 18 years of being a housewife, I realised it was important to give back to society… I looked at helping other special needs women and single mums, and thought of ways to create new channels to make a decent income, help me go further; pledge today!"

by Lau Chai Choo

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