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A Container Classroom for Special Needs


Project created from 13 April 2016

Is there room for innovation in education? Well, this project is about turning shipping containers into classrooms. #containerclassroom

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A Container Classroom for Special Needs.

Hello, we’re Amelia, Andrew and Karthik and we are the founders of 100% Project, a social enterprise that empowers teachers in Malaysia to do more for their students. Teachers often use their own money to buy teaching tools for their lessons but we’re here to fix that - by connecting YOU to classrooms in need. So when we heard about a teacher, Cikgu Tan, who dared to dream of a better learning environment for his special-needs kids, we immediately jumped in to help.

(From left to right) Karthik, Amelia & Andrew, founders of 100% Project.

A special solution for special needs.

There is a school close to Taiping that cares for 64 special-needs students who have conditions such as cerebral palsy, have difficulties in movement and some of them are wheelchair-bound. However, the school’s ICT classrooms are located on the 3rd floor and many of Cikgu Tan’s students are not able to access these rooms. Special ICT classes have to be arranged for these students depending on the availability of teachers and rooms, resulting in these classes being conducted for them only once a month.

Meet the bold and innovative Cikgu Tan.

Having taught Special Education for 12 years, Cikgu Tan strongly believes that his students can be contributing members of society. Together with his fellow teachers, they have an impressive track record of introducing life-skills to their special-needs students via various activities and programs. Cikgu Tan’s students are taught self-sustaining life skills, from banana and mushroom farming to fighter fish and quail breeding. The students tend to the farms and manage operations with the close supervision and guidance of their teachers. The produce of these farms are sold to the community and the income is channeled back to the school to run more programs. Cikgu Tan thinks that technology plays a crucial role in his students’ development as it makes the lessons more interactive while giving them the opportunity to strengthen their fine motor skills. His school also hopes to teach their students to run an online business for the farms.

It is truly a community project, and you too can contribute by helping us to bring it to life.

Turning a container into a classroom.

Cikgu Tan has come up with one of the more innovative classroom projects we’ve received. It will basically be the first-of-its-kind container classroom made especially for special-needs students. The container will be fitted with a wheelchair ramp, equipped with air-conditioning and be made into a self-cooling structure. The classroom will also be equipped with a projector, 20 special-needs friendly laptops, a stable internet connection and electrical outlets that are designed for wheelchair-bound students. We are also collaborating with technicians, engineers, designers and artists who will contribute their expertise to this project. It is truly a community project, and you too can contribute by helping us to bring it to life. Cikgu Tan and his school are extremely excited to see this container classroom come true as it will provide their special-needs students an opportunity to immerse themselves in an essential 21st century skill. With access to technology, the possibilities for learning and opportunities to expand their farm business will be endless. This project has brought together people from all over Malaysia to create a level learning environment for the special-needs students in this school. This is our boldest project yet, with the biggest budget. So we are turning to the webe community to help us unlock this project so that we can make this container classroom a reality for Cikgu Tan, his school but most of all, for his very special students.

About us: 100% Project.

Fact - Teachers often use their own money to buy teaching tools and aids for their lessons. This was a reality that moved us to build 100% Project - the first crowdfunding platform for teachers in Malaysia. Having crossed paths with teachers while being involved in the Teach For Malaysia movement, we connected over our shared passion for education, and its ability to change the world. Together, we started 100% Project to remove the barriers that teachers face in providing the best learning experience for their students by allowing YOU to discover and support impactful classroom projects.

The minds behind 100% Project.

We want to shift power into your hands - to initiate change by empowering great teachers to do more for their students. We no longer have to wait for change to happen. It can start now - with you. 100% Project allows public school teachers to raise funds for projects that help boost conducive learning, introduce innovative teaching in classrooms, and promote exposure and exploration beyond it. Our vision is to build a community of education advocates to collectively empower teachers in Malaysia. Want to find out more about what we do? Visit us at

14 JAN 2017

One more big step to go!

Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait! Just one more step to go. Here’s a quick update on our project progress:

  • TM will be sponsoring a broadband service to be provided for the students to access the internet.
  • Contractors and staff put on stand-by to await green-light from authorities
  • Currently obtaining final approvals from multi-level authorities, after which the classroom construction will commence 

Once given approval, the classroom is expected to be completed by March 2017.
You will hear from us soon!
#webecommunity #containerclassroom

14 JAN 2017

A kind Malaysian.

100% Project received further backing from a kind Malaysian to help build an actual, physical classroom instead of a container classroom. A physical concrete classroom is more durable and sustainable, plus will provide a more conducive learning environment for the students.

We are in the midst of revising the initial blueprint to a concrete classroom. Additional safety features like emergency exits and wheelchair ramps will be implemented to accommodate these special needs students.

These are exciting times!  Anything can happen if you have faith in whatever you’re doing.

#webecommunity #containerclassroom #akindmalaysian

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13 JAN 2017

Here’s the hope!


Cikgu Tan specialises in teaching special needs students in a high school at Perak. He has 64 special needs students (some wheelchair-bound) that face difficulty accessing the ICT classroom located at the third floor.

Special ICT classes have to be arranged for these students depending on the availability of teachers and rooms, resulting in these classes being conducted for them only once a month.

Cikgu Tan approached us with a brilliant idea of building a classroom by using a shipping container. “If they can’t access the third floor, we’ll bring the classroom to them,” he said.

webe community backed the project to provide these special needs students a classroom they can access to learn the fundamentals of ICT.

The image shown above is the initial blueprint. Together, we’re working to bring hope to these students, and the future generation.

#webecommunity #makeithappen #containerclassroom


"We were blown away when we realised that teachers are doing so much for their students with the little that they have. Imagine the great things they could do if they had all the resources they need. Cikgu Tan needs your help. His passion and service to his community deserves our support. Please help his dream come true, and pledge your webits!"

by Amelia Tan

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