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webe is about meaningful ideas.

A platform for Malaysians to co-create and make positive change happen for the community. Watch the video to find out how.
Anyone can be a webe community member to support projects they're passionate about through pledges on this website and Facebook LIKEs.
You can also start your own project to make your community better as a Project Champion.

Make positive change happen
with crowdbacking.

It's sorta like crowdfunding, just without the "fund" part. We don't
need your money to help the community - just your support through Facebook LIKEs and pledges on this website.

The Project Champion's Journey

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Once published on webe community FB, rally for people to LIKE your video

Video post with the highest LIKEs will be featured on webe community's website

Public pledging

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Rally people to support your project through LIKEs on webe community FB and pledges on this website

Get enough support from webe community members

Get funded


Your support can change the community

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Frequently asked questions

Check out the FAQ, or say hi to us at

Getting to know the webe community

webe community is about co-creation. It is a collaboration of a few people or groups of people with an idea to make positive change happen. Using the power of the internet, new technologies and communities, webe community provides a platform for member to champion ideas that benefits everybody.

webe community kinda works like a crowdfunding platform, but with no cash involved. It works when passionate people support project ideas, through Facebook LIKEs and website pledges. This is what we call crowdbacking. All we need is your support to unlock projects that are already fully-funded.

Crowdbacking means we only need your love and support through Facebook LIKEs and website pledges. Support it daily on both platforms to get it unlocked faster!

Anyone can be a webe community member. If you only want to support through Facebook LIKEs and website pledges, just sign in with your Facebook account! If you want to submit a project idea, you can sign in through your Facebook account and head straight to Submit a Project.

It’s free. No payment is required to become a webe community member.

We all want to do good. But sometimes, things get in the way. We get that, so we're making it easy for you by enabling your support through Facebook LIKEs and website pledges, so we can move forward with making the community a better place.

webe community is driven by its members and is backed by webe, a digital mobility service provider that believes empowering positive changes and growth to the community it serves will benefit everyone.

Nope. webe community is neither of these. It is about empowering members of the community to make what they care about happen. It is not limited to causes or charity, but all projects need to have a common goal – that is to bring about positive change that make life easier and better for Malaysians.
It focuses on what you care about, and what you want to make happen. It can be a cause, it can be creating something new, it can be doing something that has never been done before, or it can be helping or inspiring others.

webe community is backed by webe digital, a digital mobility service provider that believes a part of its revenue should go into empowering members of the community that it serves, to bring about positive change to their own communities and beyond. It is an integral and ongoing part of the backer’s business philosophy.

  • webe community projects: Projects launched on webe community.
  • Project Champion: The person/ persons who came up with the idea and detailed plans for webe community projects they lead in the first place, who are also accountable for completing the projects as promised.
  • Supporter: webe community members who supports projects.
  • Pledges: A way to show support for a particular project. The more support a project gets, the better chance it gets to be unlocked. Support can be given in the form of LIKEs on Facebook and pledges on the website.
  • Locked Projects: When the projects are featured on the platform, but aren't ready for pledging yet.
  • Open Projects: Projects that are live on the website for members to pledge.
  • Unlocked Projects: When a project receives sufficient support.
  • Closed Projects: When a project was unable to get sufficient support in time.
  • Launched Projects: When an unlocked project begins execution.
  • Completed Projects: When a project is completed based on the agreed funding and milestones between the Project Champion and webe.

Yes, we do: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can talk to us here or PM us at

The platform

We are just as active on our social sites! Follow us on FacebookInstagramYouTube and Google+.

Just one rule. We call for all members to be in the spirit of community, and respect other members’ views and opinions. After all, webe community is about driving positive change with the community, for the community. We do not encourage profanity nor discrimination of any kind towards members. We are all here to create positive change and to share new ideas.

All other stuff

Do support the projects you care about. Do share the projects you love with your friends, family and even strangers. Do spread the word so that the Project Champions can have their projects unlocked and funded. Do give your words of encouragement to the Project Champions so they can make their ideas real.


Don’t be mean. Don’t be evil. Don’t discriminate. Don’t use profanity when you comment (we all have feelings too).


webe community is about making a difference with the community, for the community. We are all here to create amazing positive things and experiences, and we need your help to keep it that way.

Absolutely anybody can be a member, however you'll need to be a Malaysian to submit a project.

Yes, it is. It would be a great opportunity to work with a company who is also keen on supporting and making amazing things happen. Get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

We only use your personal data to help us verify your identity and to make sure we provide you with the best experience. All your data will be guarded securely and is protected by The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA Act 2010).

All data on webe community platform is protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) as webe community is a SSL-encrypted website.

All personal data collected on webe community platform is to assure us that you are not a robot and your interest is genuine. We love people and we want only people on our community platform. It is also an extra layer of protection for you, as having your information makes it harder for other people to misuse your identity to create fraudulent activities on webe.

About webe

webe digital sdn bhd is TM Group's digital mobility service provider. webe’s brand philosophy is unique – ‘start here. go anywhere’. This exemplifies the diversity of ways communities can come together to make things happen, for a better Malaysia. The brand is like no other and exists for our community to co-create and make positive change impact through the power of collaboration, data and technology.


As a testament to the company’s commitment to focus  on developing deeper relationships with the community, webe launched its online platform called ‘webe community’. webe community is a unique crowdbacking platform that enables Malaysians to co-create, collaborate, connect and make what Malaysians care about into reality. The webe community platform empowers individuals, groups and members of the local community to band together passionate people who can make it happen.

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