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News & Highlights

This Malaysian's Unexpected Reason For Cycling From Kedah To China

When webe community first told me about David Wu’s 4,000km cycling expedition from Kedah to China, I thought it would be a story of a man discovering his home. 'This would be an article of a lost man finding where he truly belonged', I thought as I get ready to meet him. David walked into the café and introduced himself. He was in a red cap and slippers, a carefully trimmed beard decorated his sharp jaw line, the wallpaper on his phone proudly declared his surname, Wu (伍). Guang


by Mei Mei Chu

4 Free Mobile Apps That Could Save Your Life

You use phone apps for entertainment, for work, and to get errands done. How about using phone apps to take care of your health? Here are four of the best healthcare mobile apps that could potentially save your life:


by Mei Mei Chu

Yuna Is Not The Only Msian Singer Who’s Making Us Proud Overseas

Here are other 6 Malaysian singers who are capturing the global market. The elating news of Malaysian sweetheart Yuna chosen to sing the 2016 Olympics promotional song together with the likes of Lenny Kravitz and Corrine Bailey Rae made us all brim with pride. Her, and powerful singing sensations including Zee Avi and Sheila Amzah are taking the international music scene by storm, proving not only to the world, but also pessimistic Malaysians that local talent is underrated. If you think these ladies are the only ones putting Malaysia on the charts, you need to give our Malaysian talents a little bit more credit. Here are 6 other Malaysian singers who are building their legion overseas:


by Mei Mei Chu

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