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Easy-Peasy Home Improvement Hacks for a Pinterest-worthy Home

We’ve all done it before: staring longingly at the IKEA in-store show homes, wishing we had our storage game locked down like the Swedes. Maybe we scrolled through Pinterest boards wishing our homes looked as effortlessly gorgeous. Wish no more. We’re bringing you some easy home improvement hacks to make your apartment that closer to being “#goals”-worthy.


by webe community

This Malaysian's Unexpected Reason For Cycling From Kedah To China

When webe community first told me about David Wu’s 4,000km cycling expedition from Kedah to China, I thought it would be a story of a man discovering his home. 'This would be an article of a lost man finding where he truly belonged', I thought as I get ready to meet him. David walked into the café and introduced himself. He was in a red cap and slippers, a carefully trimmed beard decorated his sharp jaw line, the wallpaper on his phone proudly declared his surname, Wu (伍). Guang


by Mei Mei Chu

Cycle to China: Unlocked and Loaded!

On 6th May 2016, David Wu flagged off his incredible journey in Alor Setar, Kedah. He’s now on his way to China, with the aim to reach his ancestral hometown. His partner, Hayati Ismail of Food Aid Foundation, will begin identifying homes that are in need of repair. #cycletochina was one of the first projects unlocked by webe community, Malaysia’s very own crowdbacking platform. You’ve seen what your love can do, and that’s all it takes to unlock incredible projects and bring them to life. Check out the projects page to lend a supporting hand to other awesome projects Let’s #makeithappen now.


by webe community

The Star: Man to cycle 4,000km to China for charity.

Businessman David Wu and his team-mates plan to cycle 4,000km from Alor Setar to China to raise funds for Projek Wumah 2. His mission is to raise money to repair homes for the needy under Projek Wumah 2.


by The Star

NST: Msian man to cycle 4,000km to China for charity.

ALOR STAR: Instead of spending his 49th birthday with his family and friends, David Wu chose instead to cycle 4,000km to China.


by New Straits Times

What happens to your body when you cycle 4,000km.

Can your body survive the distance?


by webe community

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